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Colva Beach

Long stretch of sandy beach lined with coconut and palm trees, few people, a beach shack once in a while, water sports, and endless fun… that is the Colva beach in South Goa for you. The beaches further up to the North – Baga, Candolim, and Calangute are very crowded. There are too many people, hardly any trees, little nature, and no quiet. These are hot party destinations. If you want to just sit back and relax, in a peaceful and quiet place, surrounded by nature, then the Colva beach could be the right choice to rent villa in Colva.

It’s a long beach, and one of the oldest in Goa. The entire beach is lined with coconut trees, making it one of the most beautiful beaches in the South. At the center there is the Colva Beach Circle, where most of the hotels, resorts, shops, and water sports are located. Just move a few meters to the South or North, and you will have almost the entire beach to yourself.

The Colva beach is 9.1 kms from Margao railway station if you take the Colva Beach Road, and 20.5 kms from the Dabolim airport if you take the NH566 and then the Dabolim-Cavelossim Road.

The Colva beach goes back a long time in history. During the summer, when it was very hot in Margao, the Portuguese and Goa’s elite society would come down to the Colva beach for their “mundanca” or change of air.

It was a barren beach with the scenic Arabian Sea at the time. The Mughals preferred the hilly North so they could erect their forts. Colva of the time was owned by the Portuguese Roiz family. Diogo Rodrigues was called the “Lord of Colvá” as he owned the entire beach, which went by the name of “Praia da Colvá”. Diogo constructed a house here in 1551. That was the first residential building in Colva.

Of course, a lot has changed since then. Colva is now one of the best beaches in South Goa, and a thriving tourist destination.

Quick Facts About Colva

  • Colva is a top beach in South Goa. It is between Betalbatim beach in the North and Sernabatim beach in the South.
  • Colva is more serene and quiet than the beaches of North Goa.
  • Closest airport – Dabolim – 20.5 kms.
  • Closest railway station – Margao – 9.1 kms.
  • Developed infrastructure. There are many shops, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, banks, ATMs, tattoo parlors, and massage centers close to the beach.
  • Many shacks and restaurants on the beach like the Boomerang Bar & Restaurant, Pinacolada, Shaloms Beach Restaurant, Big Boss, Rendezvous Shack, SandPat, Papillon Bar, and others.
  • There is a lot to see in Margao, which is the cultural and commercial capital of Goa like the Goa Chitra Museum, Holy Spirit Church, Pandava Caves, Margao Municipal Park, Rachol Seminary, Sri Chandranath Temple, and the Grace Church.
  • Our Lady of Mercy Church – Between Colva and Margao, this church was commissioned in 1581 and finally came up in 1630. Also known as the Nossa Senhora de Merces, see the statue of the infant Jesus here.
  • Burnzam Ghor – A 200-year old Portuguese mansion. Also known as the house of seven gables, the mansion was constructed in 1790.
  • Plenty of water sports activities to choose from at Colva – parasailing, speed boat, bumper boats, water scooter, Jet Ski.

Best Time of the Year to Visit Colva Beach

Tourists visit Colva throughout the year. The beach is so close to Margao that every weekend, the locals would drive down to the beach and spend time here. Many come to the beach even on weekdays. But most tourists from outside Goa come to Colva in the winter, between November and February, when the temperature is lower, and it is more pleasant. The summer months are hot. It will be wet during the monsoon, with a lot of downpours on some days. Many shacks and restaurants, and also the water sports may not be working in the monsoon, and even the summer.


The weather in Colva can get very hot in the summer months with the daytime temperature anything between 32°and 36°C. The evenings are much pleasant, though. The monsoon months are wet and humid. The sea can be choppy with high waves in the monsoon. It may not be safe for swimming. The winter is pleasant but never too cool. You won’t need warm clothes even during the night.

Climate in Colva
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high, °C 31,6 31,5 32,0 33,0 33,0 30,3 28,9 28,8 29,5 31,6 32,8 32,4 31,3
Average low, °C 19,6 20,5 23,2 25,6 26,3 24,7 24,1 24,0 23,8 23,8 22,3 20,6 23,2
Average precipitation mm 0,2 0,1 1,2 11,8 112,7 868,2 994,8 512,7 251,9 124,8 30,9 16,7 2926

How to Reach Colva

  • By Air — The Dabolim airport is 20.5 kms from Colva. There are many airlines that operate flights here like Air India, Indigo, Etihad, Air Arabia, Air Asia, Qatar Airways, and Jet Airways.
  • By Rail — The Margao railway station is 9.1 kms from Colva.
  • By Road — The Margao city center is 8.9 kms from Colva.

Top 6 Activities

Enjoy Colva just like you want. Relax at the beach or enjoy the water sports. Lay down in your sun deck with a drink and doze off. Enjoy the food. Visit one of the night clubs in Colva. Do a little bit of sightseeing in Colva.

  1. The beach. The area around the Colva Circle is crowded. If you like fewer people, just go a bit North or South. Choose a sun deck, sit back, and relax. Order your drink and food. Get a maalish (massage).
  2. Water sports and swimming, except the monsoon – speed boats, banana and bumper boats, Jet Ski, parasailing, and more.
  3. Many shacks to choose from at Colva — Boomerang, Pinacolada, Shaloms Beach Restaurant, Big Boss, Rendezvous Shack, SandPat, Papillon Bar, and more.
  4. Visit the shops and supermarkets in Colva. There are clothing stores, tattoo parlors, massage centers, souvenir shops, and book stores. Many big and small street side stalls.
  5. Visit some of the beaches of South Goa – Betalbatim, Sernabatim, Majorda, Uttorda, Benaulim, and Varca or further South.
  6. A day-trip to Margao to see the many attractions there.


Colva is a lot smaller than Candolim or Baga. There is no big shopping mall or super store here like Newton or Delfinos. But you will still find plenty of stores here selling all kinds of things. You can buy most of your daily requirements in Colva. If you want to visit a supermarket, you have to go to Margao city center, which is 8.9 kms away.

While at Colva, you can buy souvenirs of your visit, get a massage or tattoo, buy books and various other things at the many shops here. There are both small and big shops, and street side stalls in Colva.

  • Goa Animal Welfare Trust Shop – A charity shop that sells souvenirs and secondhand books. Also referred to as GAWT, money from sales goes towards the welfare of Goa’s four-legged friends.
  • National Cottage Impex – Handicrafts, tea, shawls, and more.
  • Mitt Kashmir Jewels and Designs – Jewelry store.

Top 5 Best Restaurants

Colva is a foodie’s delight. You will find all types of foods on offer, including Goanese, continental, Chinese, North and South Indian, Maharashtrian, and even Bengali. Most of the restaurants are located either on the beach or on both sides of the Colva Beach Road leading up to the beach.

From fine dining to beach shacks to restaurants to cafes and street-side food, you will get it all at Colva.

  1. Garden Restaurant – In the La Ben Resort. A popular restaurant for breakfast and dinner. Plenty of menu choices. Good cocktail list.
  2. Sagar Kinara – On the other side of the Colva Beach Road, just opposite to the Garden Restaurant. Pure-vegetarian upstairs. Non-veg downstairs. Affordable South and North Indian food.
  3. The Papillion – On the beach at the sound end. Many foreigners. Try the prawns curry, sweet chicken, and paneer pakodas.
  4. Pinacolada Beach Shack – Goanese and international menu.
  5. Mickey's Restaurant – North side of the beach. Try the cheese naan, garlic squids and pork ribs in barbecue sauce, crispy chicken and calamari chili garlic.
  6. Leda Lounge & Restaurant – Close to the GAWT shop. The menu includes Goanese, continental and Indian cuisines.


Colva is not a hot party destination like the North. You will rarely find a public event here. Most of the parties in Colva are private or in the many nightclubs in Colva.

Popular bars, pubs, and nightclubs in Colva:

  1. Club Margarita – Located in the Colva Beach Resort. This was the first public nightclub in South Goa. European and Goa DJs. House, hip-hop, R&B and retro music. Parties are usually on Fridays and Saturdays.
  2. Leda Lounge – Sports, cocktail, and music bar. Live music between Thursday and Sunday. Fancy drinks and good food.
  3. Club Sunshine — At the far North end of the Colva beach. Live music, DJ, dancing right on the beach.
  4. Boomerang Beach Bar – Very close to the Colva Circle, but still away from the crowds. Dance floor. DJ. Live music. Mostly private parties.
  5. 49ers Restaurant and Bar – International food, live music, and karaoke. Very good DJ music.

Water Sports

There are a lot of water sports activities on offer at the Colva beach. There is Xavier's Para Sailing Unit right on the beach. There are other operators too. Choose from speed boats, banana boats, water scooters, and jet skiing.

Service Tariff Description
Banana Boats 200 rupees for 15 minutes A fun and entertaining boat ride with an optional dip in the sea.
Water Scooter, Jet Skiing 1000 rupees for 10 minutes Take the ride of your life on a Jet Ski or water scooter all by yourself on the sea. There will be a trainer with you to keep you safe.
Speed Boats 300 rupees for 30 minutes A fast ride on the sea for a memorable experience. There will be other tourists with you on the speed boat.
Parasailing 500 rupees for 15-20 minutes. Double for couples. For the more adventurous. Soar high on the sky for a different look of the sea and the beach.

* You can get discounts by trying different activities from the same provider. You have to negotiate to arrive at a special price.


There is no 5-star luxury property in Colva unlike some of the other beaches in Goa. At the most you will find 3-star hotels. Longuinhos Beach Resort, The Golden Crown Hotel & Spa, Colmar Beach Resort, Soul Vacation Resort and Spa, and Skylark Resort are some of the hotels in Colva.


Rent a villa in Colva or a luxury apartment in modern complexes. These are some of the best and the most comfortable places to stay in Colva. You can choose from Villa Lyon Age, Villa Orchard Garden, Pool view apartment, Villa Fasenda de Forte, and Villa Kamila, and others. You can rent for the short-term or long-term. Many of the hotels, resorts, villas and apartments are close to the sea, while others are along the Colva Beach, and the Dabolim-Cavelossim Road.

Properties with sea views cost more. The cost also depends on the amenities, season, and the duration of your stay.

We have many villas and luxury apartments in Colva you can select from, like:

Villa Lyon Age – 1.5 kms from the beach. A good villa for 3-6 people. 1 st floor — kitchen, living room, bathroom. 2 nd floor – 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Restaurants, ATM, and currency exchange just 2 minutes away.

From 15 000 Rs. per night

Villa Kamila — 2 kms from the beach. A good villa for 4-8 people. Living, kitchen, dining in the ground floor. Cozy complex with pool and garden.

From 6 000 Rs. per night

Villa Valsa De Rosa – 800 meters from the beach. Villa for 2-9 guests. There are four bedrooms with furniture and conditioner. Nice garden.

From 7 000 Rs. per night

There are many other amazing villas and apartments on rent in Colva. They offer many modern amenities. You can check our other villas here.

Colva Gallery

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