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Cavelossim is a small town located in the southern part of Goa Island near the River Sal's ending. Cavelossim is not only one of the most prestigious places in the Goa coast, but also it is the quietest one out there. Amazing white-sand beaches stand out from other places with their non-crowded characteristic and with the perfect purity. According to tourists’ stories, Cavelossim goes outperforming and exceeds in its brilliant cleanliness all other state resorts. Specially appointed groups of workers regularly cleaning Cavelossim beaches and taking away garbage left there by negligent tourists. The town itself is drawing and sinking in fresh greenery of lush tropical vegetation.

Huge empty beaches give really ideal environment for young families with children to have unforgettable holiday in here. Parents do not need to be worried that their little mischievous children will be lost or simply be bored due to the limited opportunities for games playing and funny walks around.

Cavelossim Beach

Cavelossim, first of all, is famous for its 10-kilometer-long seaside strip, covered with fine white sand and black lava rocks. The wide beach of the resort is so attractive due to its great purity and comparative emptiness. You can use beach chairs and umbrellas absolutely free of charge from dawn till dusk at any time you need or want to. Swimming zones are marked and are carefully supervised by lifeguards. You will be offered a wide selection of different types of beach sports and entertainments: water skiing, biking, windsurfing, sailing and boat tours, during which you’ll have a great chance to watch dolphins frequently coming to the shores.

Location: India, Goa state, South Goa, Salcette district, Cavelossim locality. The Cavelossim Beach is situated on the original peculiar peninsula formed by the passage of the River Sal, which flows into the Arabian Sea, between Varca Beach (7 km) in the north and Mobor Beach (3 km) in the south. The distance between the beach and Goa capital Panaji (or Panjim) is 50 km.

Geographic Coordinates: Latitude: 15 ° 10'; Longitude: 73 ° 57'

Beach features: Long and wide strip. The sand is very light, almost white. It is also very soft and fine. Here and there you can find sticky black lava rocks. From the East side the beach is surrounded by beautiful palm trees and casuarinas vegetation. The water here is warm and very clean. Pitfalls on the sea floor are rare. Swimming zones are marked and are carefully supervised by lifeguards.

Benefits: Purity! Not crowded. Calm and peaceful.

Amenities at the beach: They are offered by Shacks which are placed all alongside the beach. Deck-chairs and umbrellas are free. The food is tasty, delicious, varied and not so expensive. Fresh cool drinks are also offered here everywhere.

Activities: Different types of water sports. Fishing. Boat cruises. Watching dolphins. Entertainment and informative tours and excursions around Goa.


Calm, quiet and peaceful Cavelossim offers its guests surprisingly great opportunities for shopping.

Most of retail places where you can buy whatever you want and need are located along the main street of this tiny cute town. These are basically small picturesque shops and stalls where you can purchase various souvenirs, food, books, clothes, trinkets and everything what you can only dream (or maybe you have even never dreamed) about having.

Small gifts and souvenirs are mostly made from wood, leather, stone; many of them are decorated with beads. Things made of cashmere, silk and wool carpets, jewelry and spices will also attract you attention and leave you pleased and satisfactory.

Sellers and traders are polite and friendly, but sometimes too much persistent. To get the normal price for the product you have chosen you must and will need to have to haggle. Otherwise, the tourist is risking to pay 2-3 times greater than it is acceptable.

In jewelry stores you should also be careful. Among plenty of high quality products made ​​of precious stones and metals you can often find perfectly made fakes.

Cavelossim resort has also one of the biggest shopping centers in South Goa - "Saga" shopping mall. Here, except all we have already mentioned above, you can buy for relatively little money Indian designers and fashion brands clothing.

In two town pharmacies not only medicines and drugs are sold, but also such things as, for example, sim-cards. You can also exchange money here.


Along the beach you will easily find different shacks — small cabin-like cafes, where you can have very nice and not so expensive lunches during which you will taste exotic dishes made of fresh seafood. Cavelossim has also got lots of different high-level restaurants and cafes which meet all guests tastes and expectations: various menus, good international cuisine, impeccable service and hygiene. Some of the most popular restaurants are Jazz Inn, Blue Whale Beach Shack, Ocean View Beach Shack, Rivercove, The Pier on the Sal, Golden eye, Betty's.

Due to its amazing and unbelievable variety, great value and affordable prices Goa and Cavelossim local food can be called one of the main attractions of the region. Cheap and tasty dishes you can easily find everywhere: you can buy some from a vendor on the beach, in any shop you detect here, or eat in a restaurant or shack, or even simply ordering some food for home delivery.

Especially tourists are curious about tasting different dishes made of seafood, various savory sauces, local breads, and incredibly fragrant and pleasant to the taste freshly squeezed fruit juices.

Here is the short list of the most popular places to eat in which were laid down basing on tourists’ reviews:

«Octima” Restaurant and bar: international cuisine, quality and tasty dishes, fantastical cocktails and excellent service. Low-cost lunches are also offered. This restaurant will also be good for vegetarians and for families with children. WC here is clean and impeccable.

«Jazz Inn» Restaurant: Asian fusion cuisine. The place is suitable for both — adults and children. The calling cards of the restaurant are perfectly cooked Red snepperov and Tortillas with garlic and cheese. The restaurant has very interesting entertainment program. Plus, the prices are not so much high so you can have amazing lunch or dinner here for mere penny.

«Rivercove» Restaurant is a restaurant by the river. The cuisine here is mostly Indian. The menu is rich. The place is a little bit distant so that if you want to get in there you will need to take a transfer. While visiting this restaurant you must try, at any case, specialties of «Rivercove» Restaurant —"tandoori" tiger shrimp and "banoffi" cakes. The atmosphere and views here are really amazing. Plus, the restaurant combines in itself a great ratio of “price-quality”.

«Mike’s Place» Restaurant is very popular among young tourists. The menu is varied. The approximate prices are the following: shark steak — 250 rupees, Shark Soup — 80 rupees. Live music. Karaoke.

«Betty's Place» Restaurant consists of beach shacks, about which all tourists respond enthusiastically. The cuisine here is mostly Indian. The menu is rich; it is especially recommend to try the garlic shrimp and sea bass. The First-class service and the variety of entertainment will please even most high-fed tourists!

Almost all restaurants and bars in Cavelossim have night entertainment programs: beach discos, acrobatic performances and illusionists shows, dances with fire and fireworks.

Family holidays

Cavelossim is the best place for comfortable and unforgettable family holidays. This resort is pleased to offer you high quality level of service, large number of all type shops and excellent restaurants. Children are delighted and impressed by the warm crystal-blue water and sometimes it can be a real problem for parents to make them get out of it. To swim here is not only pleasant but also very safe. Undercurrent is a rare phenomenon here, the same goes for stones on the ocean bed. Plus to this, all beaches are always staying under careful control of lifeguards.

Just at the distance of 20 meters from the beach you can watch the unforgettable sight of dolphins playing. Add to this that Cavelossim is also the home of rare exotic birds and you will understand what an amazing holiday you can have here.

Villa rentals

Private 3 bedroom villa with scenic view. Cavelossim Beach — 50 meters. From 12 000 Rs. per night
3 bedroom-villa with a swimming pool in gated complex. Cavelossim Beach — 450 meters. From 18 000 Rs. per night
1 bedroom-villa with a swimming pool in gated complex. Cavelossim Beach — 350 meters. From 5 000 Rs. per night


Cavelossim resort has a great variety of all types of accommodation starting from the most expensive hotels of generally accepted international standards and finishing with guest-complexes of more accessible level and of not so much high prices. All of them are famous for their excellent correlation of high quality service and low price policy. Different package variants are also suggested. The most popular hotels among tourists who have already visited Cavelossim are:

  • Radisson Blu Resort 5*
  • The Leela Palace Hotel 5 *
  • Dona Sylvia Beach Resort
  • Royal Goan Beach Club at Haathi Mahal
  • Holiday Inn Resort Goa Royal Goan Beach
  • Club at Haathi Mahal
  • Haathi Mahal
  • Veeniola Holiday Home.


In Cavelossim, as everywhere in Goa, there are excellent opportunities to combine leisure and entertainment with health care. Centers of traditional eastern medicine ayurveda offer various Wellness and Spa treatments, massages and diets. They also suggest their clients specially designed yoga and meditation courses.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical system. In Sanskrit it means "knowledge of life" ("āyus" – “meaning of life”, “principle of life”; "veda" – “knowledge”). The principles of Ayurveda are associated with the preservation of life: the experience and attainments of healthy lifestyle and therapy of the whole organism, mind, relationships and spiritual world.

The Cavelossim resort has several working ayurvedic centers. Those tourists who have already visited some of them strongly recommend to use their services. Especially they enthusiastically waive a right about the so-called “four- hands massage”, and about the “Shirodhara” procedure. All doctors and medical staff are very attentive and are real professionals of the high level. After ordering few medical séances the client gets a discount onto procedures. For example, the body massage costs about 400-500 of rupees.

Here are some of ayurvedic centers in Cavelossim: Meridian Ayurveda center, Rich Kerala Ayurvedic Centre, Mantra Centre.


Cavelossim and neighboring villages from ancient times are inhabited by fishermen. The town stayed a bit aloof from the turbulent historical events and religious cults. Today a considerable proportion of the population continues to fish, but the live of people here is primarily concerned with the development of tourism. Today the town of Cavelossim is a luxury resort, a remarkable and famous primarily for its luxurious hotels and villas, built in the best traditions of Portuguese architecture.

Before the Portuguese expansion started the modern fishing village of Cavelossim was the abode of Shantadurga – the very powerful Hindu goddess, which is the embodiment of Parvati, Shiva's wife. According to legends and believes, Shantadurga was able to take different forms and shapes. The town lost the statue of its protectress during the Portuguese regime, when it was moved to the Sri Shantadurga Temple located in the Kavli (Kawlem), Ponda Taluka (municipal council).

Citizens of Goa act the same way and manner with other their gods, which actually was made for protecting them from the colonizers.

In 1793 the Catholic Church of Holy Cross was built in Cavelossim. This cathedral even nowadays continues to adore the Central Square of the town. The temple impresses with its elegant facade, design simplicity, purity of forms of the Altar and domes. The Church of Holy Cross is a real classical example of Portuguese architecture, which perfectly combines the fascinating blend of different styles of church construction activity.

Night Clubs

Party Zone Nightclub in Holiday Inn Resort Hotel has a reputation of the disco-club №1 in South Goa.

The Nightclub is waiting for guests three days a week – on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 pm. Teenagers and young people are coming here with a great pleasure: the music in Party Zone Nightclub is really great. The Club is especially overcrowded on Saturdays.

DJs playing mostly pop-reggae and techno hip-hop music, but sometimes they turn their attention onto the music themes of 70th and 80th years of the past century.

Party Zone Nightclub dance floor can place and hold about 100 people, but sometimes it still can’t have enough space for all visitors who want to dance and have a rollicking time on it. However, Party Zone Nightclub is a very popular get-together place in South Goa. Original and unique design of the Club and fully stocked with different drinks and cocktails Bar always bring visitors amazing cheerful mood. Secluded rest area with soft comfortable seating is designed for those Nightclub guests who want to gulp some fresh air or have some quick light bite.

Party Zone Nightclub has pay at the gate entry. The price is 150 rupees for two persons.

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