Cavelossim is suitable for a family holiday, close to the benefits of civilization. It’s a wonderful place, a paradise for tourists.
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Palolem beach
One of Goa`s most beautiful beaches,
which is well known as Paradise Beach.

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Goa in February

Goa in February is the right place and the proper season for those who like hot but soft weather and amazing passtime on the beach. Many tourists say that February is the best time of the year to have your holidays in Goa due to the nice weather. Almost no precipitations, no rainy days and thick clouds. The day lasts 12 hours 10 of which are lighted by the sun. The temperature of the air is a little bit higher than in January: the daily average is 26°C, the maximum – is up to 32°C, the minimum – is near 20°C. The air humidity is also increasing up to 69%.

The Arabian Sea indulges tourists with its warm tender water the average temperature of which is 28°C. Sometimes the high waves and the water bloom are possible.

The winter sun in Goa is tender and does not burn as much as the summer sun in a moderate climatic zone. Nevertheless it is not recommended to stay more than 10-15 minutes at the sun from 11:00 am till 04:00 pm (especially for the new comers and children).

The health resort life in Goa in February preserves all the advantages that attract tourists from all over the world in January: the whole range of touristic services, international public, plenty of good and inexpensive food and drinks and, of course, attractive festivals.

Besides, the Goa in February also means the Carnival – the central and the most important event of the year, which is present a flash of artistry, fantasy and vitality of local citizens. Many Europeans choose the beginning of February for their holidays spending in Goa for being able to combine the beach and carnival tourism.

Due to the Carnival the trading grows as well, therefore in February at the markets of Goa you can get pleasant and interesting presents and souvenirs at the quite fair price. In February the Arpora Night market and the Anjuna Flea market attract all the tourists with the great variety of goods and entertainment.

Here are some other interesting holidays and events you can visit in Goa during your vocations in February: Shri Mangesh Temple Festival in Ponda which lasts during 3 days; Maruti Festival in Panaji; Pop, rock and jazz festival in Kala Academy in Panaji; Goa Dance Fusion Fiesta Festival; Electronic music Festival.

February in Goa is far from the end of the tourist season, although the number of tourists a little bit decreasing towards the indications in January. That is why the average prices for holidays in Goa in February are kept almost at the level of the January prices and come up to over 1000 USD per person per week.

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