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Calangute Beach

Calangute is a small town located on the North of Goa. Earlier the Calangute beach was famous among the hippies and was called the capital of the “Hippieland”. Nowadays this magnificent place is a highly cultured and commercialized international resort beloved by tourists from all over the world.

The key advantage of Calangute Beach is the proximity to other beaches that are less crowded which gives the opportunity to escape for a while from people and vanity of the resort. Calangute is one of the oldest holiday destinations in Goa known, popular and beloved by foreigners since 1960s. The seashore line is quite wide and the prices here are quite reasonable making the resort one of the most popular beaches in Goa.


Calangute Beach which is also called by Indians “the Queen of Goa beaches”, is a beautiful, wide and long beach stripe stretched across the seashore and covered with fine sand. The bottom here is flat so this beach is the perfect place for spending holidays with children and small kids. There are plenty of various cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops and water sport activities here hence everyone will definitely find what to do in Calangute.

Calangute Beach is usually over-crowded, thus and so it will be rather difficult to find some quiet place to stay in the privacy of own mind. Numerous traders are walking here and there offering tourists and Calangute guests to buy something from what they sell: fresh fruits, fried prawns, handmade jewelry, bracelets made of different shells and other stuff. Those who are interested in Indian traditional medicine can take some classes of yoga and meditations, or order some massage services right on the beach.


Calangute Beach is located in the Northern Goa and neighbors on Candolim Beach and Baga Beach. The Dabolim Airport is located just an hour away from this resort so you can quickly and easily get to the beach by a rented car, a bus or a taxi. Mapusa, which is the third biggest city in Goa, is just in a short distance away from Calangute Beach, and the capital of Goa, Panaji is located just 18 km away from the resort. You can reach both these cities by a rented car, taxi, bus or auto rickshaw for 20-25 Rs only. By the way, if you are interested in Indians’ daily living and would like to get to know it better, these places are the best for such purposes.

The Calangute Beach climate doesn’t differ much from other Goa resorts. The peak season starts here in November and ends in March which is conditional upon the lack of rains and high humidity in this period. During the period from May till September the resort falls under the power of monsoons which are accompanied by heavy endless rains, black thunderous clouds, wind and stormy sky. It is completely forbidden to swim in the sea during the rainfall season as the waves are too high and too strong. During the tourist season the weather in Calangute Beach is quite hot and muggy. The average day temperature is about +32C, but at nights it cools down to +24C. The sea waters are very warm and usually reach a temperature of +30C.


The key sightseeing attraction of Calangute beach is the St. Alexander Church – the breathtakingly beautiful and amazing architectural piece of art built here more than 400 years ago. In the local Art Gallery you can visit the exhibition of painters who were impressed and inspired by the fantastical beauty of Goa. If you want to drawn into the magic Indian culture, the Indian Dances and Music evenings held here will bring you much pleasure and cultural joy. If you’ll be a lucky one, you’ll see the male dance called Kathakali which is very beautiful and is one of the most famous and interesting classical Indian dances. The dance itself is a special type of a story-play dance genre which is performed by males wearing colorful make-up and face masks and dressed in especially designed ancient-type costumes.

Generally, the entire Calangute Beach is one small heaven and a real paradise for photographers who are willing to catch on a photo the true life in India beyond the tourism. If you also want to see and enjoy the real, “uncut” life of people in India, take a trip to one of Goa villages during which you will visit the pottery, see how the boats are repaired and watch the fishing net weaving. Putting it in a nut shell, you’ll make a journey back to the past as many Goa and Indian villages preserve the memory of the times passed.

Calangute Beach resort has plenty of travel agencies which will offer you a huge variety of excursions around Goa and to other parts of India. One of the most interesting excursions taken from Calangute is the trip to Old Goa – the ex-capital of the Portuguese colony. Today Old Goa is a small village located 9 km away from the capital of Goa, Panaji, surrounded by churches and monasteries. The most famous of them are the St. Catherine Cathedral — the largest Christian church in Asia with amazing wood carvings; Basilica of Bom Jesus and amazing St. Cajetan Church which is a copy of the typical Roman churches. The picturesque ruins of the St. Augustine Church will impress you much due to their iniquity and ancient magical beauty.

You can take excursion to the nearby city of Mapusa and visit the largest active Maruti Temple. This is the first city building constructed with the south-facing facade. In Goa people believe that evil spirits come from the south and thus the citizens of Mapusa hold that the Temple protects the city from disasters and misfortunes.


On the whole, Goa is the home for nowadays popular psychedelic music appeared here in 90s of the past century. This musical direction got its own name – “the Goa trance”, and the international trance music festivals are held on Calangute Beach. The combination of low-frequency sounds are superimposed with traditional Indian melodies, and these all are performed among the tropical nature under the beautiful night sky. What can be better?! Moreover, the Goa trance music is also played in numerous local nightclubs and bars. So, if you like to spend evenings dancing and having fun, you are always welcome to join the parties held in the most popular Calangute nightclubs: Kamaki, West Ind, Mambo and Tito’s (open from 10:00 pm till 04:00 am, and the entrance is free for girls).

The fans of shopping will also find something for themselves here as Calangute beach resort can boast with plenty of various shops and small trade centers. Calangute has many places for the so-called cheap shopping, meaning that you can buy whatever you may only want for just a penny. Most of such cheap shops can be found in the suburbs, while in Calangute itself it could do worse than heed onto silver jewelry with precious gems. If you know how to bargain, you can buy silver bracelet with topazes for 800 Rs only.

Also it is worth visiting the local Night Market which can offer you many interesting, unique and handmade things for quite favourable price. The market works on Saturdays and can be found near the local post office. Here you will find cotton clothes, European and Indian clothing, bags and purses, shoes and jewelry, Indian spices and Asian tea, and many other things.


As everywhere in Goa, watersports in Calangute Beach are one of the most favorite entertainments among tourists. Calangute offers its guests to try speed boat and banana boat rides, jet skiing and parasailing, bumper rides and surfing. There are several unique and interesting watersports the special mention of which should go to:

Dolphin Spotting Boat Trip

This type of water sport activity are usually done early in the morning (somewhere around 6-7 am) as during this time the dolphins come up onto the sea water surface for oxygen, for having their own early breakfast and for play under the soft sun beams.

Deep Sea Fishing Trip

If you like fishing or like watching the underwater world inhabitants, then this type of water sport activity will suite you perfectly. The deep sea fishing trip is usually organized for tourists. The group of 5-6 people and instructors are taken on huge motorized boats to the blue waters and under the supervision of professionals the group is dipping into the tender sea.


Tubing is a quite lazy type of water sport activity which is done on the waves. The pressurized tubes provided on hire right at the beach are filled with air and lying on it the one is floating on the sea waves. The activity, which is rather safe, will be interesting and fun for both adults and children.


Despite the highest density of various hotels, guest houses, villas, mini hotels and bungalows in Calangute beach the advance booking is recommended. The prices for accommodation units vary depending of the property type, services provided and location. The most popular hotels in Calangute Beach resort are the Presa di Goa Hotel, Casa Severina Hotel, Nazri Resort Hotel and Camelot Resort Hotel each of which provides its guests the highest level of services and most necessary accommodation requirements.

If you are looking for a luxury modern 5-star hotel with a full set of all conveniences required for a chic holiday, then the Hard Rock Goa Hotel is exactly what you’re looking for. The hotel is located in a beautiful picturesque place surrounded by tropical palm groves. The hotel provides its guests with swimming pools, BBQ zone, fitness center, souvenir shop, small travel agency, classy modern rooms with air conditioner, separate bathroom, think chairs, mini bars and other accommodation requirements, bars, snack houses and restaurants with tasty dainty courses from local, European, Indian and Asian cuisines.

One of the most popular 4-star boutique hotels is The Park Calangute Goa located right in front of the beautiful sandy Calangute beach. The hotel has several swimming pools, free Wi-Fi connection, stylish modern rooms with all requited supplements and accessories, BBQ zone, fitness center, massage room, souvenir shop, bars and restaurants with Asian, Goa, Indian and European cuisines.

From among the 3-start hotels it stands to mention the Ibis Styles Goa Calangute which is considered to be one of the best Calangute hotels in this category. The hotel is located 600 meters away from a famous Infantaria Restaurant. At visitors’ disposal are several swimming pools, separate kid’s pool, fitness center, sport ground, tennis court, modern and stylish rooms with a full set of all accommodation requirements, children playground, business center, massage room, bars and restaurants with delicious Continental, Asian and Indian dishes.


Among different villas that Calangute Beach offers its guests to stop in one of the best is the Orabella Villas & Suites which is located 50 meters away from the sandy beach and provides its visitors free Wi-Fi connection, swimming pool, bicycles for rent, apartments with kitchen, mini bar, TV, microwave, oven and air conditioner, snack bars and restaurant with mostly European cuisine.

Another convenient villa is the Bliss Villa located 300 meters away from the St. Alexander Church. Villa provides its guests comfortable modern apartments with mini kitchen, swimming pool, BBQ zone and bar-restaurant with European and Indian cuisines. Each villa’s apartment has a terrace with a beautiful view onto the pool, green garden and Church.

Villa Diva complex with a green beautiful territory is another one comfortable and luxury villa you can stop in for your Goa vocations. Each apartment has air conditioner, mini bar, fridge, kitchen, microwave, bathroom with all necessary bath accessories and cable TV. On the territory of Villa Diva there is a swimming pool and car rent office. The villa is located 900 meters away from the St. Alexander Church.

European style, quality 3-bedroom villa, located in the residential community with swimming pool. 15 000 - 28 000 Rs. per night.
The beach villa Zuri White only 50 meters from the beach Calangute. Private large fenced area. There are 4 full bedrooms. For 3-8 people. 18 000 - 40 000 Rs. per night.
This villa has 3 bedrooms and a Swimming pool. Located near the coastline — only 7 mins drive. 12 000 - 25 000 Rs. per night.

* Price depends on arrival dates and duration of stay.

Among villas for rent in Calangute Beach it stands to mention such accommodation units as Greek Valley, Zuri White and Dream Valley each of which has free Wi-Fi, swimming pool, parking lot and comfortable spacious rooms with mini-kitchen, bathroom with all necessary supplies, mini bar, terrace and other accommodation requirements. You can check our other villas we have for you here.


Most of bars, snack houses and small cafes are located alongside the Calangute beach line. To try some fine cuisine in cozy gourmet restaurants you will need to walk to the downtown. The best restaurants with the most mouthwatering dishes are the Bella Ciao (Italian Resturant), Tibetan Kitchen, O’Coqueiro, Mooncrest on the Waves and Casa Andre’s.

The best local restaurant Mirabai Goan Village is famous for its traditional local cuisine. The restaurant is located on the Calangute-Baga Road and offers its visitors to try the tastiest chilly and mouthwatering Goa courses. Among the most popular restaurant dishes are the Fish Curry Rice, Chicken Vindaloo and Chicken Xacutti each of which are cooked according to old local receipt.

To put it bluntly, Calangute Beach resort is the best choice for those who want to combine sun’n’surf type of rest with hanging out and club life, as well as for those who like to merge with the crowd and from time to time to stay on his own far away from noisy places. Still, it is hard to find peace and quiet here, especially in the center of the resort. But however it is not an impossible task to complete: with a good choice of housing accommodation one can count on having a great and quiet vacation with family and kids.


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