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Everything You Need to Know About Calangute Beach

The Calangute beach is one of the three most popular beaches in North Goa. It is a part of the long Baga-Calangute stretch, full of activities, water sports, shops, street vendors, cafes, beach shacks, and massage parlors. There are coconut and palm trees and plenty of sun beds along with umbrellas available free. Calangute is also a popular nightlife destination. Calangute is one of the flagship beaches of Goa, popular both with domestic and international tourists.

During the summer, in May and June, when the pre-monsoon heat made life difficult, the Portuguese colonists and well-to-do Goanese would come to what is now Calangute for their mudança (change of air). Musicians in their straw hats played mandolin or guitar and sang fados (Portuguese songs) and Konkani dulpods at the beachfront bandstand to entertain them.

Calangute was then called “Kolli Gutti” or “land of the fishermen”.

The hippies or flower-children came next after they congregated at San Francisco in 1967. The Indians and other foreign tourists followed, discovering the beaches of Goa, but most of them making their home at the beaches of Calangute and Baga. Calangute has come a long way since those days. It is now one of the most popular tourist hubs in North Goa. Together with Candolim and Baga, Calangute makes up the three busiest beaches in the North.

The Calangute beach is 16.3 kms from Panaji (the capital of Goa), 38.6 kms from the airport if you take the NH66, and 41.4 kms from the Vasco da Gama railway station by the NH366 followed by the NH66. Calangute is next to the Baga beach.

Calangute Map

Calangute is the most commercial and busiest of all beaches in the North. It is a party destination, perfect for young people.

There are many beach shacks, restaurants, bars, cafes, and clubs. You will find many shops, boutiques, hotels and resorts. There are endless rows of sun decks on the beach with foreigners tanning themselves and Indians relaxing on them. There is water sports too – speed boats, banana boats, and parasailing. Prices are reasonable. You will also find massage services right on the beach.

Calangute is also close to some of the less crowded beaches in North Goa.

Calangute Gallery

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Quick Facts About Calangute

  • Calangute is located in North Goa. It is just south of the Baga beach. An extension of Baga, it is difficult to demarcate where Baga ends and Calangute begins.
  • Closest airport – Dabolim – 38.6 kms.
  • Closest railway station – Vasco da Gama – 41.4 kms.
  • Kerkar Art Complex at the south end of the beach displays exhibits artistically with earthly things like shells, pebbles, bamboos, and colorful stones. A second gallery for foreign and Indian artists.
  • The beach is lined with sun decks, restaurants, shops, and shacks like Karni's, Bubbles, Copacabana, Typsy, Paulo Candido, Moonlight, Peter's Shack, Sea Face, Jolly Boys, and others.
  • Plenty of water sports activities to choose from – parasailing, speed boat, bumper boats, water scooter, Jet Ski.
  • St. Alex Church – A well-maintained 18th century church with a stunning façade and decorated interiors.
  • Our Lady of Piety – See the statue of St. Francis of Assisi and Jesus on the cross in the main altar. Paintings on wood.
  • Old Goa is 23.3 kms away if you take the NH748 and then the Chogm Road via Panaji. Many beautiful monasteries and churches to see here, like the St. Cajetan Church, Basilica of Bom Jesus, St. Catherine Cathedral, and the ruins of the St. Augustine Church.
  • Many supermarkets and shops close to the beach, including the biggest fish market in Goa, and a Tibetan market.

Best Time of the Year to Visit

You can visit Calangute throughout the year, but it is certainly more pleasant between November and February when the temperature is lower. But there are likely to be far more people on the beach during the winter. It will be wet during the monsoon, with a lot of downpours on some days. The water sports activity will also be off, or at least limited. Many shacks and restaurants may also be closed in the summer and monsoon.


The Calangute climate doesn’t differ much from other Goa resorts. The peak season starts here in November and ends in March which is conditional upon the lack of rains and high humidity in this period. During the period from May till September the resort falls under the power of monsoons which are accompanied by heavy endless rains, black thunderous clouds, wind and stormy sky. It is completely forbidden to swim in the sea during the rainfall season as the waves are too high and too strong. During the tourist season the weather in Calangute is quite hot and muggy. The average day temperature is about +32°C, but at nights it cools down to +24°C. The sea waters are very warm and usually reach a temperature of +30°C.

Climate in Calangute
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high, °C 31,6 31,5 32,0 33,0 33,0 30,3 28,9 28,8 29,5 31,6 32,8 32,4 31,3
Average low, °C 19,6 20,5 23,2 25,6 26,3 24,7 24,1 24,0 23,8 23,8 22,3 20,6 23,2
Average precipitation mm 0,2 0,1 1,2 11,8 112,7 868,2 994,8 512,7 251,9 124,8 30,9 16,7 2926

How to Reach Calangute

  • By Air — Goa's airport is located at Dabolim, which is 38.6 kms from Baga. It is well connected with major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, etc.
  • By Rail — The Vasco da Gama railway station is 41.4 kms from Baga. The closest railhead Tivim is 15.2 kms away.
  • By Road — The Calangute is 10.7 kms from Mapusa, and 16.3 kms from Goa’s capital Panaji or Panjim.

You can take your car to Calangute. Most of the resorts, hotels, villas, apartments, and big shops and supermarkets have car parking space. You can also hire a vehicle at the station or airport. There are pre-paid taxi counters outside the airport and station. Cars and two-wheelers are available on hire in Calangute.

Top Activities

Calangute is a top party destination in North Goa. There are many shacks, clubs, bars, and cafes. Plenty of water sports and adventure activities on the beach.

  • Relax at the beach. Many sun decks that are rented out by the shacks. All you have to do is just order a drink or food. Negotiate a special price if you want to spend many hours on the beach.
  • The beach is good for swimming, even for the kids, except during the monsoon. There are lifeguards. Watch out for the red flags. Come out of the water if the red flag comes up.
  • There are many shacks on the beach like Karni's, Bubbles, Copacabana, Typsy, Paulo Candido, Moonlight, Peter's Shack, Sea Face, Jolly Boys, and others. For food, go to the Italian restaurant Bella Ciao, After Seven, Souza Lobo, Bob's Inn, Jam Point, Tibetan Kitchen, or the Oriental.

There are many spas and natural healing centers in Calangute like the Cyril Yoga Ayurveda Centre, So Thai Spa, Neomis Salon and Spa, Sukho Thai Foot Spa, Papiillon Salon & Wellness and the Ayurdham Goa.


You will find shops for virtually anything at Calangute, from small street-side stalls to large department stores and supermarkets. If you want to buy cheap, shop at the small stores on the beachside and in the lanes.

  • Saturday Bazar – Located close to the post office, you will find grocery, meat, fish, and even pottery, textiles, and other provisions.
  • Tibetan Market – Between Calangute and Baga. Buy incense sticks, prayer flags, statues, blankets, and singing bowls from the Tibetan culture and lifestyle.
  • All About Eve – Unusual bags, clothes, and accessories.
  • Beach Wear Shoppe – Very close to the beach. Swimwear and beautiful cotton shirts that is perfect for the summer.
  • The Fish Market – One of the biggest fish markets in Goa.
  • Many tattoo stores, handicrafts and souvenir shops, metal crafts, leather items, jewelry, car and bike rentals, and travel agencies all over Calangute.


The St Alex Church in Calangute

The St Alex Church in Calangute

The main attraction is the Calangute beach. But there are other things to see in Calangute as well.

  • Our Lady Of Piety – The church is located on the Calangute-Baga Road. It was established more than 250 years back by the Portuguese. See the statue of St. Francis of Assisi and Jesus on the cross in the main altar. Paintings on wood.
  • Take a day off from the beach and visit Old Goa to see its stunning monasteries and churches. The St. Cajetan Church, Basilica of Bom Jesus, St. Catherine Cathedral, and the ruins of the St. Augustine Church will surely impress you.
  • St. Alex Church – A well-maintained 18th century church with a stunning façade and decorated interiors. Close to the Calangute post office.
  • Kerkar Art Complex – The exhibits artistically with earthly things like shells, pebbles, bamboos, and colorful stones.
  • You can even visit the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. It is at a distance of 11.4 kms if you take the Chogm Road.

Top 5 Best Restaurants

Enjoy a snack or sumptuous dinner at Calangute. Choose from traditional Goanese, Konkani, or Marathi food, north and south Indian, Chinese, and Continental.

  1. i-95 – Open-air under the moonlight restaurant with nice décor. World cuisine. Try their grilled meats, tuna, tangy beef, and the house wines. The hosts reportedly met at a Royal Caribbean Cruise and decided to start the eatery.
  2. Souza Lobo – On the beach. The best place for spicy coastal food. It’s a long wait, but the food is delicious. Try the Goan sausages, crab xacuti, prawn curry, fried fish, and the famous Goan Balchao. Dhaba interiors.
  3. Travel Bar – The best place for burgers in Calangute. High bar stools. Enjoy the ambience of travel storytelling.
  4. A Reverie – A restaurant for fine dining in Goa. Unexpected décor. Huge pillars. Weird lamps. Disco balls. International and local cuisine. Try their mushroom cappuccino soup, smoked duck, Japanese style tuna, chocolate mousse, and more. Jazz sessions on the weekends.
  5. Chef Soumyen's Kitchen – For European dining and fine wines. Garden setting. Try their steaks and seafood. Drive down south from the Calangute Mall. It is just off the Fort Aguada Road.


Calangute is busy during the day and busier after dark. The entire region becomes more vibrant and lively once the sun has gone down. There are dance shows, music, and jazz. Wines and parties become the main attraction for junkies from around the world.

Popular bars, pubs, and clubs in Calangute:

  • Cool Cat, at the Osborne Holiday Resort, close to the St. Anthony’s Chapel
  • Chris Greve, close to the Delseys English Bar
  • The Sportsman’s Bar in the Mapusa neighborhood
  • Moon Night Club
  • Kamaki
  • The Red Lion Pub
  • Log Cabin Pub, close to the Calangute-Baga Circle.

Water Sports

All over Calangute, close to the beach, you will find water sports operators inviting you to try out various things. You can choose from speed boats, banana boats, bumper boats, body or knee boarding, wake boarding, and paddle boarding. The more adventurous can try out parasailing.

There is no snorkeling, scuba diving or fishing in Calangute. For this you will have to visit the Ilha Grande or the Grand Island, which is close to Vasco da Gama. You may also go for dolphin and crocodile spotting on the Mandovi River, which is also not far away from Calangute.

Service Tariff Description
Dolphin Spotting Boat Trip 400 rupees for 1 hour This type of water sport activity are usually done early in the morning (somewhere around 6-7 am) as during this time the dolphins come up onto the sea water surface for oxygen, for having their own early breakfast and for play under the soft sun beams.
Deep Sea Fishing Trip 25,000 rupees for 3-4 hours If you like fishing or like watching the underwater world inhabitants, then this type of water sport activity will suite you perfectly. The deep sea fishing trip is usually organized for tourists. The group of 5-6 people and instructors are taken on huge motorized boats to the blue waters and under the supervision of professionals the group is dipping into the tender sea.
Tubing 300 rupees for 30 minutes Tubing is a quite lazy type of water sport activity which is done on the waves. The pressurized tubes provided on hire right at the beach are filled with air and lying on it the one is floating on the sea waves. The activity, which is rather safe, will be interesting and fun for both adults and children.

Hotels in Calangute

Ocean Palms Goa Resort in Calangute

Hotel Ocean Palms Goa, Calangute

Calangute, being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Goa, you can be sure to find plenty of accommodation options here at all prices. There are star properties like The Park, Neelams The Grand, Ocean Palms, Nazri Resort, the Casa Severina Hotel, Hard Rock Goa, and others. There are boutique properties too. You will also find simple guest houses, bungalows and hotels for budget travelers.

Many of these resorts, hotels, guest houses and villas are located very close to the sea, while others are located in the interiors along the Calangute-Baga or inside small lanes. You will find many properties even in the Calangute-Anjuna Road, further inside.

Those offering sea views naturally cost more. The cost will also depend on the amenities and luxuries on offer. Many hotels, villas and apartments come with swimming pools, spa & wellness centers, fitness clubs, free Wi-Fi, mini-kitchen, and mini bar.

Villas for Rent

Choose from a huge range of apartments and luxury villas in Calangute. Here are some amazing properties:

You can also choose from Greek Valley, Zuri White and Dream Valley. They all offer free Wi-Fi, swimming pool, parking lot and comfortable spacious rooms with mini-kitchen, bathroom with all necessary supplies, mini bar, terrace and other accommodation requirements.

European style, quality 3-bedroom villa, located in the residential community with swimming pool.

From 15 000 Rs. per night

The beach villa Zuri White only 50 meters from the beach. Private large fenced area. There are 4 full bedrooms. For 3-8 people.

From 18 000 Rs. per night

This villa has 3 bedrooms and a Swimming pool. Located near the coastline — only 7 mins drive.

From 12 000 Rs. per night

* Price depends on arrival dates and duration of stay.

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