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The monsoon season in Goa

In the summer in Goa comes the rainy season or monsoon season, which lasts from June to September. During this period it rains almost every day and in July and August, when it is the peak of the monsoon season, rain showers are especially prolonged.

The coast, accustomed to the tourist influx, is empty. All beach facilities and a large part of the sea shakes just disappear until the fall, waiting for better weather. The south-west monsoon brings high waves of the Arabian Sea, so that swimming is very risky. There are puddles everywhere, but often several day periods without rain occur. The humidity is very high, daytime temperatures are around +32-+34°C, at night they fall to +22-+24°C.

In short, the summer is not the time for a sunfilled beach rest in Goa. Unfortunately many of the Europeans, who dream to visit this tropical paradise, have their annual holiday in the summer.

However, Goa does not lose its charm in the monsoon season. Just the opposite, by the standards of the European, the fantastic nature comes alive and the Tropic comes into view in its entire splendor. In the summer the springs and waterfalls are in their full force, there is greenery everywhere, the beaches are clean and deserted, and river cruises become even more romantic.

The summer holidays in Goa will suit admirers of Eastern therapies, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, fans of adventure and eco-tourism, quiet rest in the comfort and privacy, long walks along the beach and easy communication with the friendly locals.

Almost the entire range of travel services, except the temporary buildings are offered in the monsoon season. The offices, banks, shops, clinics, restaurants, bars, hotels work at the best prices.

There is no direct and charter air transportation, but, as a rule, the price of the regular flights to India are much lower than in the season.

The Government of Goa is making significant efforts to increase attendance in the summer, developing the concept of “monsoon tourism” and affordable luxury. The program includes activities like packaging vacation, trips to spice plantations and nature reserves, rafting down Mandovi River in Goan territory, traveling to historic places of India.

Extra attraction to the monsoon season is given by festivals. Some of the most popular folk festivals like Sao Joao (June 24), Bonderam (August) take place on the Divari island, Ganesh Chaturthi (September), are observed during the monsoon season. In 2012 Ganesh Chaturthi fell on the 19th of September, and in 2013 it falls on the 9th of September. In coastal villages they also celebrate the day of Saints Peter and Paul (June 29) by floating down the river on rafts and are followed by lively scenes.

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