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Grand Island — the best place in Goa for Scuba Diving

Grand Island is almost the most perfect place for those who can’t imagine their vocations without scuba diving, snorkeling, diving and fishing. The island is located few kilometers westward from Mormugao peninsula which is situated in the South Goa, and to get there one can only by water transportation unit. In different sources you can find different variants of the Grand Island name: Grand, Grande, Grandi Island, Ilha Grao. The Eastern part of the island is often tagged on the map as the Mortar Island.

Grand Island is also a popular place among divers. The depth in the nearshore waters is about 7-20 meters, so this island is a perfect destination for both, professional divers and beginners. The most famous and popular diving place is the sunken British 135-meter vessel “Suzy” which can be found just a few stones' throw away from the shore. Professional and experienced divers like to dive near the “Davy Jones Locker” ship sunken not far away from the Grand Island. The Island also has something to offer those who prefer relaxing beach holidays as it has plenty of picturesque, interesting and breathtakingly beautiful places. By the way, one more unique peculiarity of the Island is that it serves for Indian Marine Forces as a periodic marine base so from time to time the forces conduct their training activities here which bothers the tourists not, however.

Grand Island attractions

Grand Island has many interesting and remarkable places worth visiting. For example, the Suzy’s wreck place which is so much beloved by the divers. In 1930s the British vessel went upon the rocks and sunken during the strong sea storm. Fortunately, only 1 crew member died. The ship was carrying the railway sleepers and nowadays together with what has left from the vessel the divers can find the parts of its cargo too. The ship remains rest on the sandy bottom of a small nearby bay being covered with mussels and small corals and becoming a home for different fishes and crustaceans. The water here is calm and smooth so this part of the Island will be perfect for those who are at the very beginning of their diving path.

Other interesting Grand Island places for divers are the so-called “Sailing Rock” and Davy Jones Locker but it’s quite difficult to dive here as the sea current is very strong, so these parts of the Island will suite only professional and experienced divers. For beginners the best place to dive is the Umma Gumma Reef the waters of which are full of different sea inhabitants like needlefish, lobsters, whitetip reef sharks, sea cucumbers and plenty of various small fishes and turtles.

Near the Grand Island there are two more islands: San Jose and Penjueno. Both islands are impossible to get to but no one restrain from enjoying their beauty. On the Grand Island itself you can find the old Cross on the top of the island.

Grand Island is also known as a favorite place of treasure-hunters. The most famous and popular places for that purpose are the Suzy's Wreck (4-15m), Davy Jones Lockers (15m), Sail Rock (20m), Turbo Tunnel (7m) which is very suitable for beginners, Surge City (9m), Uma Guma Reef (15m) and Bounty Bay (9m). Generally the Arabian Sea underwater world near this Goa coastline conceals and hides lots of remains of wrecked ships of different epochs, including ships of the Second World War period.

During the season (from October till May) travel agencies organize different types of tours and excursions to the Grand Island during which curious tourists have a chance to try themselves in diving, fishing or just relax on the beach.

Watersports and activities

For those who like active time spending, Goa resort offers a great opportunity for real sea adventure: boat trips to Grand Island – the unforgettable experience and unlimited excitement! During the trip you will get a great chance to watch the dolphins gambling and playing and observe the fabulous and beautiful underwater world. Moreover, during the boat trip to Grand Island you’ll be offered to experience fishing with the further going barbeque lunch on the Grand Island beach cooked especially for you from what you’ve caught. Usually the trip begins at 8:00 am and finishes at about 4:00 pm but the duration time can be extended upon the prior agreement.

In addition to boat trips and different boat excursions to Grand Island the Goa resorts also offer their guests to get unforgettable memories and much pleasure from snorkeling in Grand Island. You will be provided with all required for this water sport activity equipment like diving mask, schnorkel and flippers. The underwater world near the Grand Island is famous for its amazing beauty and huge variety of fishes, skates, dolphins and other underwater inhabitants. Professional snorkeling instructors will explain you the safety rules and techniques of snorkeling to provide you the maximum safety during your underwater swimming experience.

Scuba Diving

Diving in Grand Island is another one very popular water sport activity here. Before slogging down the tender blue sea waters you will need to get through an instruction in order to follow all the rules and techniques of safe underwater swimming. The diving equipment is provided for rent and is selected personally for each tourist. While diving, you will meet different underwater inhabitants: dolphins, fishes, skates, sea turtles, shellfishes and beautiful colorful corals. This truly remarkable and memorable activity will definitely bring you much joy and pleasure.

One of the most popular watersports in Grand Island is scuba diving which will beyond all doubts bring you much adrenaline buzz, fun and thrill. You will have the fantastical Grand Island underworld exploration, meeting amazing sea animals and fishes and ultimate impressions ahead of you. If you are a newcomer in scuba diving and you have no experience in this type of watersports activity, you can take special courses organized by numerous professional scuba diving schools and agencies. For experienced scuba divers the qualified instructors will conduct brief instruction on safety techniques as the sea waters near the Grand Island have their own specifications and secrets kept.

Those who like speed and adrenaline will size the possibilities to explore the Grand Island surroundings from scooter or motor boat which can be rented on one of the nearby beaches. You can also enjoy the beauty of the island from the sea-side while banana boat or bumper boat ridding. This type of activity will not only give you a chance to see the Grand Island from its each and every side, but also to get positive emotions, amazing impressions and affecting experience.

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