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Baga Beach

One of the most mysterious places in Goa is the Baga Beach which is considered to be a truly great place for holidays and vocations spending. Picturesque places, clear sandy beaches, azure sea waters and fabulous groovy sunsets annually attract several thousands of tourists from all over the world. For the very first time Baga Beach was mentioned in the sixties of the 20th century when these beautiful, pure and virgin places started to be more and more popular among tourists. Step by step the coastal land was mastered, lined with buildings, entertainment venues and retail outlets, and nowadays Baga Beach takes pride of place in hearts of people from different corners of the world.


Together with the neighboring Calangute and Candolim beaches, the Baga Beach resort divides the glory of the most popular and world-famous places for unforgettable holidays spending in Goa. Almost all of these resorts occupy one continuous, 8 km long segment of the Indian Ocean in North Goa. Baga beach, the northernmost and the smallest of them, has more exotic vegetation and brown-colored sand in a surrounding of the overhanging palm trees. The same named river that runs into the Arabian Sea is located nearby and gives Baga beach the additional charm.

The key peculiarity of Baga beach is its universality which is seen in everything here. The palm grove strip can easily hide you from the scalding sun in its tender shadow; although if you like to sunbath under the direct sunbeams, you can still take a convenient place right in front the tender sea waters.

Actually, the Baga beach has two faces: the first one is very similar to the Calangute resort and represents the crowded, noisy and touristy part of Baga; and the second is represented by the surprisingly quiet and pastoral part of the resort right on the bank of the River Baga. By walking along the beach from southward to the northward getting farther from the busy world of tourists that rest on the loungers next to the sea waters and the petty traders that ask you to buy something from what they’re offering, you will suddenly get into the world of fishermen and Goa village boys playing football or cricket on the beach.


Baga Beach resort area is a relatively small territory which lies in the hilly part of Goa between Calangute and Anjuna beaches. Often this place is called the fishermen territory as the coast of Baga was settled on by fishermen long time ago. Every visitor coming to Baga Beach for holidays and vocations spending is hopping to catch his own “lucky” fish. On one side of the beach there is a small river named Baga which flows into the ocean to the indescribable delight of children who love splashing in its cool waters. The right side of the beach is completely occupied by the black rocks which meet the breaking off sea waves with a strong rumble. Huge rice plantations separated one from another by the river are carpeted in the southern part of Baga Beach. The Baga citizens are very friendly and cheerful, and they meet new guests coming here with a great hospitality and due consideration.

The best time to visit Baga Beach is the period between December and March as during these months there is no sweltering heat, no sizzling hot air and no high humidity. The temperature rarely rises above 29C and the sea waters warm-up to 25C. In the evenings a light breeze comes from the ocean-side bringing coolness and freshness. The hottest season in Baga is May when the incredible heat enters into possession and the air temperature rises up to 40C. Starting from the end of May and finishing in the beginning of September Baga Beach resort falls under the rule of rainfall season: it can rain cats and dogs during the whole day long without stopping even for a minute. Monsoons bring with them not only the storm clouds but also a strong hurricane but at the beginning of September the rains weaken and gradually stop.


The Bon Viagem monastery is mostly famous for its healing springs under the foot of a green overgrown with walnut trees hill located nearby. According to the local beliefs, the bathing in the spring waters is healthfulness for body and soul and can miraculously heal from all kinds of illnesses. At the bottom of the hill there is a huge black rock called Chor Biam which, according to the legends, hides the buried countless treasures from ships lost in the Arabian Sea waters. Here and there about the rock you can see the rusted artifacts: anchors, guns and deck bells that remind us of the times past. And if you walk a bit southward, you will find amazing rice fields and a strange-shaped bridge across the river passing which you will get into the new world of the local wildlife beauty.

The convenient location of Baga beach gives its gusts great opportunities for not only beach holidays but also for sightseeing and travelling. There are plenty excursions organized from Baga beach resort to the most interesting places in Goa: you can book a trip to amazing Old Goa, travel to large and picturesque Dudhsagar Falls or visit the capital of Goa Panaji, or even travel into the real Indian jungles to watch elephants bathing. You can also take a long trip to Delhi, Mumbai and even to the Taj Mahal which will definitely bring you unforgettable memories and fascinating experiences.


For those who can’t imagine his vocation without some watersports, Goa is the best place ever. Every part, every beach and every Goa resort offers its visitors a huge variety of watersports, and Baga Beach is not the exception. Dozens of public and private companies are ready to provide you the complete set of all required equipment to try yourself in some extreme, breathtaking and exciting water sport activities like windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, waterskiing, banana ride and others.

If you want to have fun, feel drive and experience adrenaline, then try the banana ride — the fun-filled and interesting trip on banana-shape boat which is so much beloved by kids and women. Seating on a banana speed boat you will get plenty of joy and fun by jumping and bumping on the sea waves when the boat takes a new sharp turn trying to throw you into the water. The activity is performed by qualified specialists in fully controlled equipment and with providing of required safety jackets and different safety gears. The price for banana ride starts from 290 Rs.

Another thrilling water sport activity you should try while being in Baga is the bumper ride – an extreme and breathing seized trip on a tiny round-shape boat. Feel excitement and adrenaline rush while swaying and swinging with the increasing speed in the splashing sea waters rapidly moving from side to side in a zigzag manner. This activity is performed under the supervision of qualified experts and with providing of all required safety gears which make the bumper ride in Baga beach a safe adventure convenient for people of all ages. The price for bumper ride starts from 390 Rs.

If you like surfing or just want to master this extreme and popular water sport activity, well, then Baga Beach has something to offer you too. The Baga beach surfing experts will not only teach you how to master a wave, but will also show you new unique techniques which will make your surfing experience even more fun, bright and unforgettable. The prices for both, surfing equipment and surf board classes start from 900 Rs.

If you are far cry from extreme watersports and like something more secure, then you should try yourself in catching oysters in the nearby River Baga. This activity is very popular and beloved by the local children and women, so you will definitely master the technique of catching oysters and, who knows, maybe even the technique of how to cook them properly.

During the San Juan holiday you can enjoy the unique Sun God River Festival which is held here, and every Saturday the Baga Night Market welcomes you to buy handmade Indian goods, souvenirs and other stuff for every need and budget, to enjoy beautiful music and dances and to try the local beverages. If you like spending your evenings partying, visit the famous and the oldest Tito`s Nightclub.


Baga beach has a huge variety of different accommodation units that suite every taste and budget: cheap cabins and bungalows, luxury villas and expensive hotels, small guest houses and mini hotels – everyone will find here something to his own. Most of the hotels in Baga Beach are located not right on the beach itself but a bit away from the shoreline in a picturesque area surrounded by a tropical forest and palm groves over the smooth surface of the Arabian Sea.

If you are looking for a luxury 5 star hotel with all required for a chic holiday conveniences, then the La Sunila Clarks Inn Suites Hotel is exactly what are you looking for. The hotel is located in a picturesque place 1 km away from the Baga beach. The hotel provides its guests with swimming pools, SPA & Wellness center, fitness club, free Wi-Fi, comfortable modern rooms with air-conditioner, mini-kitchen, mini bar and other required accessories and supplements, massage room, children play ground, bars and restaurants with delicious meal courses from Indian, Goa, European and Asian cuisines.

Among the popular 4 star hotels one of the best places to stop in is The Baga Beach Resort Hotel located right in front of the beautiful sandy Baga beach. The hotel has a swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, comfortable modern rooms with all requited accessories and supplements, fitness center, small travel agency, bars and restaurants with local, Indian and Continental cuisines. The hotel also has several separately standing on its territory cozy cottages with the ocean view.

From among the 3 start hotels it stands to mention the Colonia Santa Maria Hotel which is considered to be one the best hotels in this category. The hotel is constructed in the colonial Portuguese style and stands right on the sandy Baga beach occupying a large green territory with numerous trees, palms and flower beds. The hotel offers its visitors a swimming pool, beauty salon, massage room, small travel agency, car rent services, comfortable modern rooms with all required accessories and necessary supplements, karaoke, children pay ground, fitness center, bars and restaurants with mouthwatering sea food dishes and meal courses from North Indian and European cuisines.

Villas for rent in Baga

Comfortable villa with a swimming pool. 4 comfortable bedrooms. Baga beach is about 600 meters. For 6-8 adults. 17 000 - 28 000 Rs. per night.
Beautiful and modern 4 bedroom villa in Baga provides comfort and luxury for holiday family or a group of 8 people. Private swimming pool. 32 000 - 45 000 Rs. per night.
3 bedroom villa. Close to all "happening spots" still in a quiet area. This is a great place to be for a company or a family get together for 3-7 people. 32 000 - 45 000 Rs. per night.

* Price depends on arrival dates and duration of stay.

Among villas for rent in Baga Beach it stands to mention such accommodation units as Grace Villa, Westwind Luxury Villa and Johanna Garden each of which has free Wi-Fi, swimming pool, parking lot and comfortable spacious rooms with mini-kitchen, bathroom with all necessary supplies, mini bar, terrace and other accommodation requirements. You can check our other villas we have for you here.


There are lots of different small cafes, snack houses and restaurants in Baga beach resort so it won’t be difficult to find a place to have a bite in. The prices are reasonable and the services are at the high level. In each and every restaurant, café and snack house you can try some local courses or order something from French, Portuguese, Asian, Italian or Indian cuisines. The cafes and restaurants in Baga Beach also offer their guests to try unique sea food dishes cooked according to the old Goa receipts.

Those who are looking for nice cozy snack houses or restaurants in Baga Beach offering their guests tasty meal courses at quite low prices, are welcomed to numerous ‘eat-and-drink’ places located right alongside the Baga beach shore. The best and the most popular place here is the legendary Britto’s Restaurant which is famous for its mouthwatering seafood menu. The Cavala Restaurant is well-known for its eclectic menu, beautiful live music, delicious dishes and amazing services. Different fresh cakes and breads, pastries and deserts are served in The Baker’s Studio which is an authentic French pâtisserie located on the Tito’s Lane. Finer dinner can be ordered at Baga Creek, while French courses can be tried at the Le Poisson Rouge Restaurant and the Italian cuisine can be enjoyed at J&A’s Restaurant.

To sum up, if you like to relax lying on the beach under the warn sunbeams, if you like resorts that offer its guests all the benefits of tourism civilization, if you like to meet new people and make new friends and if you simply cannot wait to dive into the famous Goa nightlife, then Baga beach is exactly what you need and what you’ll like much for sure!


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