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Shopping in Goa

Having been got on Goan market, the traveler sometimes really feels like in a fairy tale of 1001 nights, all around has the shimmering colors, the light and mysterious flavors. In this unbounded sea of ​​various goods, it’s hard to orientate and make the right choice. Therefore, many tourists prefer to be prepared in advance with a list of things they would like to bring back from Goa, as gifts, souvenirs, effective addition to your wardrobe or home design.

Fabric & Dresses

The quality Indian fabrics of silk, cotton and linen is well-known and highly rated. Indian-made clothing is from 100% natural material, lightweight and comfortable, so one rarely leaves Goa, without buying at least one shirt, T-shirt, dress or skirt. Shops and markets of Goa offer both traditional and contemporary fashion. Many people buy lots of clothes for children, it’s cheap and practical. There is a great demand on local sari, the temptation to its fantastic colors and patterns is very hard to resist. Many tourists order at Goan tailors who are famous for high skill and reasonable rates.

Undoubtedly, it is worth to buy the products of cashmere and pashmina especially light-weight: carpets, decorative pillows and blankets, shawls. Oriental rugs and shawls of cashmere and silk do not need any introduction. Everyone knows that they are very pleasant by touch and highly rated around the world because of its exceptional lightness and low allergenicity.

Leather goods like shoes, handbags, travel bags, suitcases, gloves, jackets, purses are also different by ecological qualities and can be found in a wide variety of models, quality and prices.


Among the foreign tourists in Goa there are popular items of handicrafts made of natural materials: bamboo crafts, macramé, braid made of coconut fiber, coconut peel, straw, etc. Sometimes it turns out in very nice and practical things of the most valuable quality which, like all Goan textiles – it’s absolutely natural.

The products from papier-mâché are widespread. This fishery is considered traditional Kashmiri, but most shops sell all kinds of Goa figurines, jewelry boxes, vases, lampshades, trays, jewelry and much more. Items made of papier-mâché are usually elegant painted and polished, looking beautiful, and sometimes they can even be mistaken for wood.


From the same tree in Goa and in whole India, they produce fine carved furniture. Some joke that the production of furniture is a national business in the country. Indian furniture is again the ease, practicality and extraordinary coloring and, of course, democratic prices. The product of rose or sandal wood, which is sold in the souvenir shops and markets, is not only to decorate the house, but also aromatizing it.


An impressive gift for home could be the product of terracotta. Local craftsmen produce dishes, tiles, sculptures, toys of colored clay.

Connoisseur of antiques and art most often buy the rare books and items that can be found on the market, as well as the famous traditional Portuguese ornamented tiles — azulejo. It must, however, be borne in mind that the laws of India prohibit the export especially valuable items and antiques of the age exceeding 100 years.


They are worth a special mention, they usually take the first places in the list “what to bring from Goa”. It is said that the Indian gems are the brightest and the price of jewelry, gold and silver, although is very high, but still quite lower than in Russia and Europe. Besides Goa offers a really huge selection of jewelry to everyone’s taste and, more importantly, it’s easy to pick up the jewelry sets.

Top sellers

Based on the tourists responses it can be added to the list of proposals “what to bring back from Goa” the following ideas:

  • Cosmetics — medical and natural oils, creams, ayurvedic, soaps, toothpaste, coconut oil. Most frequently mentioned brand Himalya Herbals and Biotique, but the consensus is that in general the Indian cosmetics is of very good quality, fully made of natural ingredients.
  • Cigarettes of hand-made.
  • The local rum “Old Monk”, fenny, brandy “Honey Bee”.
  • Spices, tea, cashew, exotic fruits. Bear in mind that the export of live plants is prohibited.
  • Simple small souvenirs which are sold all over the world, but in the local spirit: magnets, key chains, handicrafts of shells, fine pottery, jewelry.

If you still continue to doubt about a gift or you don’t have time for shopping, at least, to the aid will come the ubiquitous elephant. Many believe that the figure of the elephant in the house will bring good luck and happiness. The figures of elephants of different sizes and from different materials can be bought everywhere; you just need to go to the nearest market or to look into the roadside shop.

Tips for Shopping in Goa

For better orientation at the prices, first visit shops with fixed prices. At such stores usually there are often sales and discounts for large purchase.

If there are no labels with the price in the store, then you need to haggle. In these stores, as well as on markets and street stalls, the prices should be much lower than in larger stores.

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