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Benaulim beach is in South Goa, between Sernbatim and Zumbrai beach. The beach is located at a distance of 10 kilometers from Margao via the Quepem Road and the Benaulim Beach Road. This is a long stretch of sand that extends all the way beyond Colva in the North and Zumbrai in the South. It is a clean, windswept beach where you can see many fishing boats and trawlers. There are old houses, temples, and churches you can visit when you want time away from the beach.

Benaulim Beach is a very fascinating place which was richly endowed with natural beauty and, despite the increasing influx of tourists, it is still considered to be calm and relatively peaceful and not too overcrowded a place for relaxing holidays. Benaulim Beach resort, similar to neighboring beaches, is a kingdom with white soft sand, and lots of sailing, water skiing, sea cruises, restaurants and shacks with surprisingly rich menus, karaoke and live music in the evenings. Tourists are commended to visit such restaurants as Meridian, Johncy, Pedro, Malibu, Beira-Mar , Leonoras.

Benaulim Beach is most often chosen by tourists of average wealth, who want to spend their vacation in a more natural and not too overcrowded environment.

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The name of Benaulim is closely associated with Hindu mythology and especially with Parashurama God - the sixth avatar of Vishnu and the son of a Brahmin father Jamadagni and mother Renuka. According to the legend this God-warrior shot the arrow from the top of Western Ghats Mountains into the direction of Konkan City for delineating the boundaries of the new Goa land. The place, where the arrow has got to, was started to be called the Banahalli or the Banavalli, which is translated from Sanskrit language as “The Village of the Arrow” (in Sanskrit the word “baan” means “an arrow”) before the advent of the Portuguese. After the Portuguese invasion the place has got the name of Benaulim.

The ancient Banavalli once had magnificent Katyayani Baneshvar Temple, which was dedicated to Shiva and Parvati Gods. The ruins of this amazing Temple can still be found in the village. In the 16 th century the deities were shifted to the City of Aversa which lies in North Kanara.

Benaulim is a symbolic place for Catholics, primarily because here Blessed Father Joseph Vaz, also known as Jose Vaz, was born in 1651. He was a missionary and was called by religious people the “Apostle from Ceylon”.


Among the main attractions of Benaulim Beach resort we can first of all mention different magnificent Catholic churches. For example, the captivatingly beautiful church of St. John the Baptist, decorated in the rococo architecture style, is one of the most famous Christian temples in Goa which attracts tourists from all over the world.

St. Christopher Church, Our Lady of Mercy Church ( Nossa Senhora De Merces), and Holy Trinity Church, built just a few years ago in a modernistic style, are not worth visiting too.

Near the church of St. John the Baptist you can find the "Goa Chitra" – one of the best ethnographic museums in India, which contains in its exposition more than 4,000 exhibits and showpieces of traditional life and culture.

From the middle of April, three Sundays in a row, a well-known and famous The Beach Bonanza Fair is held on Banaulim Beach. During this funny and very interesting event lots of frenzied visitors are dancing in merriment and other entertainment. So, without any doubts, this amazing Fair is a must of not miss!


Adega Camoens Nightclub is a lobby bar with a disco which is located in Benaulim Beach resort, South Goa. The Club is situated in the building ofTaj Exotica Hotel. The Nightclub differs from the variety of Goa clubs and discos with its extravagant interior inspired by Hollywood of 60th and 70th years of the past century. Hollywood theme and motives which are presented in all rooms of the Nightclub makes this place really unique and fantastical. Amazing parties are conducted here on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. On working days live music of various styles is played in the Club. Besides this you can watch special shows of solo artists and different bands, or watch tap-dances. Every Saturday you can enjoy discos conducted in the Club.

Adega Camoens Nightclub is working from 12:00 noon till midnight. Happy hour starts at 7:00 pm and lasts till 8:00 pm only, but during this short “lucky” period you can buy all types of presented here drinks with 50% of discount.

Fiplees Restaurant, Pub & Leisure Zone Club. This is multi-functional institution which combines in itself a restaurant with fantastically tasty dishes, pub with a huge variety of drinks and disco with amazing music. Fiplees Restaurant, Pub & Leisure Zone is located in the very center of Benaulim Beach resort, near Maria Hall shopping center. Visitors and guests are invited to try dishes of Indian, Chinese and European continental cuisine. Music menu is as much diverse as the dish menu of the Restaurant and Pub. Well-known DJ’s and music bands are making their shows in the Club: they play the music of various styles like pop, reggae, country, jazz, Indian classical music and others. Themed parties and karaoke-evenings, which continue usually till early morning, are conducted here too.

If you are a fan of Live music, then Art Escape Resort Club is the proper place for you. Here you will have a chance to listen to blouse, classic rock, retro or reggae live music during the night time. The Art Escape Resort Club is located in the southern part of Benaulim Beach resort. Every evening is dedicated to some certain music style which makes this place a unique one and loved one by thousands of tourists and guests of the resort. Different art-workshops are also conducted in the Club.


Major part of all types of accommodation presented in the resort are different guest-houses, 1* and 2* tourist complexes, middle-leveled hotels like Furtado's Beach House, Cleopatra Resorts, Lotus Beach Resort. A 5* Taj Exotica Hotel occupies one of Benaulim Beach area parts.

All essential services, communications and connections in Benaulim Village are concentrated around Maria Hall, which has a touristic center, Currency Exchange Office, cheap international telephone communication, lots of different stores, shops, pharmacies and Internet cafes. The village has a bus stop too.

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