Utorda Beach

Utorda is a small beach in South Goa, 15.1 kilometers from Vasco da Gama via the NH566 and MDR43. It is just north of the more famous Majorda beach, so there are few people here, even in the peak season. Uttorda is a clean and quiet stretch of sand. There are some beautiful shacks where you can sit back and relax, and enjoy your drinks. Sunbeds and umbrellas are free. Uttorda is a very relaxing place.

Utorda Map

Utorda Beach resort is separated from its neighbors by a small river, which is like playing hide and seek with soft white sands. The sea coastline is quite long; the sand here, as everywhere in this part of the region, is of dazzling light color, fine, soft and silky to the touch. Waves of the Indian Ocean here is calm and not so high, which make swimming safe and enjoyable even for novice swimmers and those who can’t boast with being a perfect swimmers.

Fantastical fresh and dense palm vegetation, which is fringing the beach, gives this resort some specific atmosphere of elegance and refinement. Few small comfortable beach restaurants and shacks, where tourists and resort’s guests can try amazingly tasty dishes of local and international cuisines, are hiding in palm trees shadows. About lots of such places for having a quick bite in you can find different warm reviews left by those tourists who have already visited this fairy place. The most recommended places for having a snack in here are: „LLoyd's shack”, „Boat Quay Grill”, „Balton”, „Zeebop” and „Camillos Stack Shack”. Here you will be much surprised and very pleased with fantastical dishes, tasty drinks, available services and very friendly service personnel which can speak different world languages.

Holidays in Utorda

Recreation and relaxation in Utorda Beach are attractive with their natural, unconstrained and pleasant atmosphere of the resort. The beach is located in unforgettably beautiful and spacious area due to which lots of tourists are spending here whole days long. The long sandy strip of Utorda Beach is very much suitable for early morning jogging and walking.

Stable weather conditions during the season (from October till March) are providing great opportunity to take sun baths and swim in warm tender Indian Ocean waters wallowing in calm and still waves. Swimming here brings lots of pleasure even to children, who are fond of having fun in tender sea waters. Local citizens are doing their best to keep the beach clean and pure regularly collecting garbage around the beach. The whole swimming zone is attentively supervised by Rescue Service stuff.

Small and very comfortable restaurants and shacks offer their clients not only amazingly tasty and delicious dishes of local and international cuisines, but also provide tourists absolutely free umbrellas and chaise-longue, special touristic equipment for water sports doing (jet-skiing, parasailing, sailing, ect).

Utorda Beach resort will perfectly suit those tourists who are planning to escape from noisy urban life and everyday problems. This quite nice resort will be perfect for balanced and relaxing holiday spending. Usually it is preferable by people of stressed professions and by those who have middle-and upper-middle-income level. Utorda Beach resort will also be perfect for family holidays spending.


The accommodation in Utorda resort is primarily presented by Kenilworth Beach Resort & Spa Hotel and Galaxy Beach Resort 4* Hotel both of which are located right exactly on the seashore. In the southeastern part of the village you can find very comfortable nice hotel - Sapana Greensville Villas, and in the north of Utorda resort you can stop in Dom Pedros Haven Hotel.

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