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Betalbatim is a small beach in South Goa, just north of Colva, South Goa’s more popular beach, especially with the Indian tourists. Betalbatim beach is 11.2 kilometers from Margao via the St Joaquim Road, and is just 4 kilometers from Colva. Fewer tourists visit Betalbatim, making this a very quiet and peaceful beach, perfect for relaxation. There are swaying palm trees and a few shacks along the shore. Dolphins are sometimes sighted here. The famous Martin’s Corner restaurant is close.

Despite its small size, this fantastic resort is becoming one of the most prosperous areas to spend your beach holiday in South Goa.

At Betalbatim Beach tourists can indulge in smooth white sand and warm safe waters, typical for this part of the coastline. Betalbatim Beach resort differs from neighboring beaches, which are characterized first of all by amazing rich and lush palm vegetation. Here you find beautiful cool pine groves.

No one knows who gave the northern part of the resort the beautiful name of Sunset Beach, the beach of amazing and breathtakingly beautiful sunsets. But it is clear why: this place is visited by lots of tourists who wish to watch and enjoy unforgettable spectacle of Goa sunsets.

If you are a big fan of nature and its wonderful gifts, then without a doubt you will find lots of interesting things at Betalbatim Beach resort. This place has been taken captive by dolphins and different types of birds, which are not afraid of humans and even treat them kindly and let people touch them for a while.

Betalbatim Gallery


The Village has a small pharmacy, Bank, shop where you can buy a SIM-card, office where you can book your flight tickets, several restaurants one of which offer home delivery of food at night time.

The Betalbatim village itself is modest; it is located in beautiful place with lots of old houses and buildings of Portuguese architecture. The most remarkable architecture masterpiece is the Church of St. Thomas which was built here during times of Portuguese ruling. The bus service is well established: regular buses connect Betalbatim Beach resort with the closest cities of Margao (8 km from Betalbatim) and Vasco da Gama (25 km from Betalbatim).

Betalbatim Beach is a nice, calm and not overcrowded beach which one can consider to call an ideal place for quiet relaxing holidays. The Beach has about ten shacks which are located close to Colva Beach resort. Tourists are recommended to visit Joel's beach shack, Baggies Beach shack and Silent Nook Beach shack.


There are not so many places to have a snack in Betalbatim – few shacks on the beach, few hash houses and one restaurant in the Village which offers its clients really good selection of dishes of local and international cuisine. So, which places are the most recommended by those tourists who have already visited this part of the region for quick bite having?

Jimson's Restaurant & Bar. Small, pure and comfortable restaurant in the village. Prices are not so high and the food is very tasty. The selection of dishes offered is impressive. Home delivery of food is performed until late night; the errand-boy comes quickly and always brings hot yet meal. The restaurant itself is located not so far away from Betalbatim Beach on one of those streets which are crossing the main road (still it will be better to ask local citizens how to get the restaurant if you somehow miss your way).

Martins Corner. This restaurant is considered to be one of the best restaurants and hotels in the region. Goa and Chinese cuisine are pleasing the restaurant visitors with a wide range of amazingly tasty seafood dishes — fresh lobster, big pomfret, red snaper, tiger prawns. Prices here are above average (some people saying that prices are twice higher than in restaurants of other parts of the region). High quality of food and service.

Greenlands. Restaurant stands in rustic garden. Service personnel are very friendly. The cuisine is represented by dishes of International, Asian and local cuisines. Tourists who are planning to visit this restaurant for the first time are commended to try lamb, rice, chicken and shrimps. The funniest stuff in this restaurant is the culinary masterpieces which are suggested to clients under "Sunday Dinner" and " Pie night" names.

Joel's Beach shack and Sea Waves beach restaurants. These places to have a snack in have gained a reputation of places where you can expect to get fresh and tasty cooked food. Service personnel are very friendly and courteous. As in all shacks, the food is cooked here especially for you and in an ordered quantity, so that you will need to wait for some time until your order will be brought.


Betalbatim resort has a nice decent accommodation units and well-developed tourist infrastructure which allow tourists to feel themselves comfortable and enjoy their holidays. The hotels are: Nanu Resort hotel, Alagoa Hotel, Coconut Grove Hotel, Martins Comfort Hotel and Jasmin Hotel.

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