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Palolem beach
One of Goa`s most beautiful beaches,
which is well known as Paradise Beach.

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Betalbtim Beach

Betalbtim Beach is a one-and-half mile Arabian Sea coastline beach strip in South Goa. This amazing place is located between two famous touristic zones of Colva Beach in the south and Majorda Beach in the north. Despite its small size, this fantastic resort is becoming one of the most prosperous areas to spend your beach holiday in South Goa.

At Betalbatim Beach tourists can indulge in smooth white sand and warm safe waters, typical for this part of the coastline. Betalbatim Beach resort differs from neighboring beaches, which are characterized first of all by amazing rich and lush palm vegetation. Here you find beautiful cool pine groves.

No one knows who gave the northern part of the resort the beautiful name of Sunset Beach, the beach of amazing and breathtakingly beautiful sunsets. But it is clear why: this place is visited by lots of tourists who wish to watch and enjoy unforgettable spectacle of Goa sunsets.

If you are a big fan of nature and its wonderful gifts, then without a doubt you will find lots of interesting things at Betalbatim Beach resort. This place has been taken captive by dolphins and different types of birds, which are not afraid of humans and even treat them kindly and let people touch them for a while.

The Betalbatim village itself is modest; it is located in beautiful place with lots of old houses and buildings of Portuguese architecture. The most remarkable architecture masterpiece is the Church of St. Thomas which was built here during times of Portuguese ruling. The bus service is well established: regular buses connect Betalbatim Beach resort with the closest cities of Margao (8 km from Betalbatim) and Vasco da Gama (25 km from Betalbatim).

Betalbatim Beach is a nice, calm and not overcrowded beach which one can consider to call an ideal place for quiet relaxing holidays. The Beach has about ten shacks which are located close to Colva Beach resort. Tourists are recommended to visit Joel's beach shack, Baggies Beach shack and Silent Nook Beach shack.

There are not so many hotels here; the main among them are Nanu Resort hotel, Alagoa Hotel, Coconut Grove Hotel, Martins Comfort Hotel and Jasmin Hotel.

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South Goa is one of the most convenient places for amazing vocations in Goa with its spacious beaut...      Having been got on Goan market, the traveler sometimes really feels like in a fairy tale of 1001 ni...      When December comes, a peak tourist season starts in Goa. This period of the year is the best time ...      January is, undoubtedly, one of the most tourist attended months in Goa. The main reason for the in...      Colva Beach is one of the most popular Arabian Sea coastline resorts of Indians and, respectively, ...
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