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Curlie's Nightclub in Anjuna

Curlies Nightclub — is one of the most active beach shacks in Anjuna resort (North Goa) and a legendary, popular party place among foreign tourists. It is located in the southern part of the beach next to the equally famous Shiva Valley Shack and Anjuna Flea Market. Fans and adherents of psychedelic culture are coming here from all over the world to enjoy the music and to spend their time in complete harmony with themselves and with the surrounding world. Such parties are very similar to parties of unforgettable times of hippies, who gathered together on the beach with the same aim decades ago.

Curlie’s Nightclub is almost always full of visitors, mostly foreigners, among which there are lots of Israelis and Europeans. The entrance into the club is absolutely free for foreigners, while for local citizens, except the entrance fee, the strong face-control is working. Those who once visited Curlie’s Nightclub pointing onto the fact of amazing music playing there and kinda nice chill out on the second floor.

Curlie’s Nightclub dance-floor is situating inside the air conditioned soundproof glass cube, toward the interior of which people who want to listen to the captivating sounds of psy-trance music, dance and relax are getting through special airtight doors. Different great parties which gather together fantastically huge crowds of people are often take place in the club. Goa-trance music parties, which are conducted here on Thursdays, are especially benchmark setting and colossal.

All tourists who have ever visited Curlie’s Nightclub express different opinions about the quality of food and drinks suggested in here. Some believe that the nightclub cuisine could be better, especially with the regard to hygiene. Others find that the food is very tasty, inexpensive and recommend dishes cooked from seafood and eggs, as well as scrambled eggs and pizza as the tastiest dishes suggested here. Among drinks they advice to try the club’s local mojitos.

The club is open from morning till morning every day during the tourist season time (October-April).

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