Kakolem Beach

Tigers’ beach in the south of Goa

Kakolem Beach is a knee-high to a duck beach, which has spread its expanse in a Bay. The Beach is located 7 km to south from Cabo de Rama resort. This is one of the most isolated and truly wild beaches in whole Goa. It is also called Tiger Beach. Some people even claim that Kakolem is a secret place to hunt tigers, though in reality no one can say that they have ever really seen here this amazing King of Indian jungle.

The breathtakingly beautiful, fantastical view opens eyes of everyone who is coming here for quite cozy rest from the nearby hill. From the rock, which is placed right in the Beach, a cool stream flows. Its sprays are showered down through slope to the shore before falling into the sea. Pure and soft sand is crossed with large sharp stones, with which here and there the bottom of the sea is sheltered too. It is also a little bit dangerous to swim in here due to possible strong underwater currents, besides there is no Rescue Service here.

Mostly, the Beach is lonely and deserted; there are no houses nearby except the only one cabin. There are no places to have a snack here as well as no places to stay for the night. All those, who are visiting this not publicly but so much fairy Beach, are mostly people with the spirit of adventure and lovers of beautiful places.

To reach the Kakolem Beach by land is extremely difficult task to do. On NH66 Highway you will need to move towards the village of Kola, then turn to the north-east and drive broken old road which leads to a small platform. There you will see a narrow steep winding staircase made of stone stairs. By using it you will be able to go down to the Beach. But if you want to get to Kakolem Beach safe and sound and without such extreme adventures, then you’ve better try to get there by sea. This variant is very easy and safe. All you need is just to find any water-engine transportation for rent, and in a while after that you will be able to enjoy the quietness of paradisiacal Tiger Beach resort.

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