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Palolem beach
One of Goa`s most beautiful beaches,
which is well known as Paradise Beach.

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Morjim Beach

Morjim Beach resort is located in the northern part of Goa, 27 km from the capital Panaji and 51 km from Dabolim Airport. The beach gives a rise to the most northern line of Goa beaches. This 3 km long, wide and beautiful beach strip begins in a place where the River Chapora confluences with the Indian Ocean, and ends where Ashwem Beach begins. Morjim Beach seashore is covered with soft light sand and usually is not so much crowded. The sea here is shallow and even flat and fordable in some parts, and for this reason the place is very beloved by the unskillful swimmers, children and kitesurfers.

Morjim beach is a part of a small but very cozy Morjim village. The village itself is nothing more than a great collection of different beautiful houses, villas and nice bungalows. The landscape here is a fantastical mix of palm tree grooves and amazing jungle forests, agricultural lands and well kept cottages. Probably this is a reason why the Morjim Beach resort is so much beloved by tourists who are coming to this little piece of Asian fairytale from all over the world.


This 3 km long sandy beach tenderly washed by the sea waters is also called the Turtle Beach as this part of Goa seashore was once chosen by the rare and unique olive turtles. These cute creatures are under danger of extinction, and because of their several nesting sites the Morjim beach was declared to be the prohibited area protected by the Government of Goa. The other two beaches where the National Forest Department of Goa operates a very successful olive sea turtle conservation program are the Agonda Beach and the Galgibagh Beach. The Morjim sea coast is also a home for different rare species of birds.

Morjim beach resort is also known as a place where Hindu and Christian traditions are mixed and interlaced. One of the most interesting and beautiful temples that is worth visiting is the Shri Moraji Temple which becomes overcrowded during religious festivals and holidays. Usually such holidays are celebrated within a month and are accompanied with dances, lights and sacral offerings.


The accommodation in Morjim beach resort is represented predominantly by hotels, bungalows, villas and small guest houses of middle and economy-class levels. The most famous places to stay in are the Sur La Mer Boutique Hotel, Morjim Club Beach Resort, Pirache Village, Rainbow Hotel, Montego Bay Beach Village and Marbela Beach Resort.

There are several nice cozy restaurants on the beach where tourists and guests of Morjim Beach resort can try delicious seafood dishes and meal courses from local, Indian and Asia cuisines. You can find several comfortable and cute shack houses in the northern part of the beach but you will never find any place to have a quick bite in on the Turtle Beach for obvious reasons. In the village itself you can have something to eat in various restaurants and bars which offer their visitors and guests amazingly tasty dishes from European, Asian and local cuisines. The most famous places to have a quick bite in are Bora Bora, Hakuna Matata, Plannet Bollywood, Glavfish, La Plage.

The prices for the vacation here are high with reference to the Goa measures but still lots of tourists prefer to spend their holidays at Morjim Beach due to the relatively well-developed tourist infrastructure, always welcoming people and excellent natural conditions.

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