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Chapora Fort

Quincentenary Chapora Fort is overlooking the mouth of the same-named river, following the line of the high shore of the Vagator beach in North Goa.

According to reliable historical information, the old Indian fort, on the ruins of which the Portuguese have built their own fortress in the 17th century, has been standing here since ancient times. Experts are noticing a very unusual structural plan which used the natural shape and the height of the slope for such a great stronghold building. The unique nature of large, irregularly arranged embrasures and narrow, deep gates also attracts the attention of historians, usual tourists and experts in architecture science.

The Chapora Fort occupies an important position which in every direction commanded the distant approaches. Once it was much important place for the defense of the region, as well as had a significant importance as a military installation during the Goa colonial times until the late 19 th century. But today not so much has remained from the former greatness: the ruins of the fortifications, barracks and housing, nearly empty squire in the center of the citadel with a single protruding memorial plate.

However the Chapora Fort continues to attract tourists because of indescribably thrilling and breathtakingly beautiful views onto the Indian Ocean, the river and the Goa coast with Vagator, Chapora and Morjim Beaches which come to an eye of every visitor of the fortress.

There is one tradition connected with this place: on the last night of your stay in Goa to meet the sunset at the top, near the walls of Chapora Fortress, thus permanently charging with the energy of cosmic love of Goa. To experience this, many tourists are overcoming a long way to the Fortress by foot, climbing the stony paths which lead from the Vagator Beach up to the Chapora Fort.

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