Velsao Beach

It is difficult to say, that Velsao Bech, which is actually a very beautiful place, is very much popular among foreign tourists. The main reason of this is Zuari Agro Chemicals Plant of chemical fertilizers production, which occupies the northern edge of the beach. In the 70s years of the XX century its activity has led to pollution of environment: the poisoning of water, extinction of fish and different diseases of humans. Public discontent and protests forced the company to build a waste processing plant, which operates under the control of specially created inspection unit of State Council.

Velsao Map

Due to all taken measures nowadays Velsao beach is absolutely clean; flora, fauna and fishing industry are restored and the only one thing which causes some unpleasant associations is the view onto the plant.

The Velsao beach sandy strip is quite broad; the sand here is soft, of a golden color and inclines its visitors and guests of the beach to take a long walk alongside the seashore, relax and enjoy the privacy. This is facilitated by the presence of only two shacks and fewness of people. Sometimes you can hardly meet a person on the beach – the seashore can be absolutely empty and free from tourists. Only fishermen and dogs, which lay on a soft sand and take their sunbaths…and no one else. However, reviews about the quality of food and service at Velsao Beach resort are only positive.

200 meters from the beach you can find Velsao Horizon Beach Resort 3* Hotel. In neighboring Majorda, Arossim and Betalbatim resorts you can find a kinda nice selection of accommodation units and places to stay in.

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