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New Year in Goa

To celebrate the New Year on the beach under the bright stars of the tropical sky and the dash of the waves of the warm sea is a usual thing for European tourists. Many people nowadays prefer to spend the New Year holidays (and the luckiest ones even the longer time) in a warmer climate, where there is no need to think about such annoying and expensive things as heating and winter clothing.

Новый Год в Гоа

The Christmas and the New Year holidays are the best time to travel to Goa when people from all over the world come to the shore of the Arabian Sea and immerse themselves into the atmosphere of general carelessness and fun. During the winter holidays in Goa lots of various music festivals, different fairs and parties, and amazingly beautiful fabulous lights and colored garlands everywhere give every part of Goa really magnificent and lively look. Everywhere you can feel an inspiring and contagious holiday spirit.

How can you welcome the New Year in Goa?

There are plenty of different ways to celebrate the Christmas and the New Year holidays in Goa depending on the chosen resort and way of holiday spending.

For those who chose the package tours there is a great opportunity to welcome the New Year in a cosy restaurant with live music, tasty and specially cooked holiday dishes, traditional Goa meal and champagne, fireworks at midnight and dances till morning.

Those who decided to have a savage holidays (usually this type of recreation is chosen by the young people) prefer to join the parties organized by beach clubs at the open air with music and dancing on the sand on the background of bright lights and lit bonfires. Hundreds and even thousands of people are joining such parties, so if you decided to welcome the New Year this way, please note that there may be traffic jams on the roads and that the most partying places are quickly filled to the gills.

If you have rented a villa or some independent house, you have a good opportunity to organize unforgettable holiday based on your own preferences. Some tourists reserve a table at a restaurant or club, while others prefer to spend the night in the bosom of friends or family on the terrace or in the garden under the palpitation of palm leaves and soft music. Romantic couples usually choose a candlelight dinner at home or on the beach enjoying the sounds of the Arabian Sea waves

Новый Год на пляжах Гоа

Traditionally many people, both local and tourists, at midnight come to the seashore and enjoy a glass of champagne welcoming the New Year, dance and feast their eyes on the fireworks, enjoy the everybody’s festive mood and congratulate each other with the holiday.

How to prepare yoursef for a trip to Goa on New Year holidays?

The Christmas and the New Year holidays are both the peak tourist season in Goa. Therefore you should not expect that there can be a chance to organize your holiday in the nick of time. It’s better to purchase the airline tickets and to book some accommodation unit few months before your departure.

Due to the huge tourist demand during the winter holidays, the prices for all transportation and accommodation units, food and services significantly increase, and sometimes by several times. Thus, it would be useful to read more information about Goa and prepare a suitable budget for the chosen way and type of vocation in advance. The early housing rent and timely search for a suitable flight will help you to save money and preserve a holiday mood

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