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Palolem beach
One of Goa`s most beautiful beaches,
which is well known as Paradise Beach.

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Divar Island

Divar Island is situated on the Mandovi River in Goa. It is a popular place to visit. The island located near Chorão Island 10 km eastern from Panaji and connected by feribot with Old Goa and Ribander. Travel agencies organize voyages here.

In ancient times Divar Island was a sacred place for Hindus. There were lots of temples, destroyed by Portuguese while conquering Goa. Some of them are present today. The most famous of them is Ganesh Temple.

The popularity of Divar Island is connected with preserved gorgeous and well-groomed Portuguese villas in Piedado village. Some of them are opened for visitors, so tourists have a possibility to feel themselves at home as if they were wealthy citizens of Goa. Some people say that many of Old Goa citizens left it during the plague epidemic and settled on Divar Island.

You can visit fish farm, taste local specialities, buy quality coconut oil and souvenirs on the island.

Divar – is one of a few places in Goa, where you can enjoy urak – light version of feni made of cashew- all year long. Damien Bar, Mayur Bar, Julio Bar, Rock Inn, Seaview, Bradley's, Rajaram small Taverna are especially good for this purpose. All of them make high quality urak and also offer sea products menu.

Local festivals: Bonderam in August, which recreates struggle of peasants against Portuguese, and Potekar, held before beginning of the Great Fast.

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