Cabo de Rama Beach

Cabo de Rama Beach, also known among local citizens as Cab de Ram, is a beautiful wild beach in the south of Goa. Locals consider the Beach to be one of the most beautiful places in the country. It is situated at the distance of 28 km. from Margao, 19 km from Agonda beach and 2 km from Cabo de Rama Fort.

The water in Cabo de Rama is blue with rich green hue. In the north of the Beach a small river, which can easily be crossed in ford, starts its serene running. A strip of palm groves stretched alongside the beach, in a short distance from the waves, offering its guests a very pleasant setting for picnics. That’s why it is not surprising that this place became a favorite one for school and family picnics of southern-goa citizens from the nearby areas.

The beach is quite secluded due to its remoteness from big cities. The sand here is light, fine and pure. In some places the stones sticking out. Behind the beach elevates a steep rock with a flat top. Steep rough steps lead down to the beach. Leftward the beach, partly immersed into the sea, solitary stands a boulder with a lone tree on a top. To reach this boulder is possible only during outflow.

It is relatively safe to swim here but still you must be very careful because it is possible to stumble into sharp reefs or get into strong currents. There are no lifeguards at the beach, same like no tourist infrastructure too.

With amazing overlooking onto the beach, an ancient masterpiece stands near – amazing Cabo de Rama Fort is always welcome its guests. From the top of the fortress you will be able to view a spellbinding panorama onto the Arabian Sea and Cabo de Rama Beach. But remember, this unforgettable view can take your breath away in seconds and conquer your heart forever!

Driveway to Cabo de Rama Fort: using NH66 Highway you can get to Cabo de Rama Fort by bus Margao — Cabo de Rama, by a Taxi or by any other rented vehicle. The road ends near the Fort entrance, and from there you can walk to the fortress or to the beach.

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