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Surfing in Goa

Surfing in Goa — unthinkable just a decade ago — is steadily gaining popularity and this wonderful sport is no longer an exotic activity in the Arabian Sea.

North Goa is particularly suitable for surfing in the dry season, where the combination of the two most important factors for both beginners and experienced breakwaters prevail — deserted beaches and a favorable wind. Because of the longstretched coastal areas, the "Far North" gives the impression that no one in the sea is bathing. It is ideal with gentle waves, and some places are exceptionally good for surfing.

In the lagoon of Ashvem, for example, in the very place where the river emerges from the jungle, beautifully encircles the peninsula and empties into the sea, the waves come to straight peaks (the classic A -frame), which, resting on a sandbank, slowly closes in both directions, as if for the ideal and easy start. In the morning the waves are rarely longer than fifty meters, and its height is usually from one to two meters. Once a week it shakes up to two and a half meters, sometimes falls for a few days of calm. Great waves can also be caught on the beach-breaks from Morjim to Arambol.

Ashwem beach is particularly attractive for beginners who are offered the opportunity to quickly and safely learn to surf, preserving unforgettable memories. The chic beach club Shanti operates Banana Surf School, which since 2011 has successfully conducted surf training on the classic Goan coast.

The school has highly qualified trainers with years of experience at the most famous surf resorts in the world. English-speaking students are trained by instructors from South Africa and Australia. Learning to surf is accessible to any vacationer and takes place in shallow water in the lagoon in front of the school. One lesson lasts about two hours and consists of a short course of theory, then practice on the beach and riding the waves off the coast. Specialists of the school argue that if you are involved with an experienced trainer, make sure you catch a dozen unforgettable waves from the very first lesson, and looking at your pictures no one will ever believe that you have never surfed before.

Banana Surf School operates in the winter season, from November to March, every day. For those who live in the north and south Goa it can be arranged as well.

Details and prices can be found on the school's website at : http://goasurf.com

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