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Goa's Feni is a symbol like a Russian vodka, whiskey, French cognac or Greek ouzo. The national drink of Goa enjoys the protection of the statute of origin and is widely used at all levels in all the resorts and the brand of the state can be advertised everywhere. Feni can always be enjoyed in a café or restaurant, bought as a souvenir, or even purchased from a rural moonshiners. The name Feni (fenny, feni) captures the essence of the process' of production of the drink and literally means "foam" (Sanskrit: phena).

There are two varieties of Feni, coconut and Izkeshyu. Traditions create them. The juice is extracted from the roots to the shoots of coconut palms. This juice is very sweet with palm sugar and yeast, and is used as an ingredient in the manufacture of various sweets. All extracts are transformed into a low-alcohol is used (15%) which is drunk and largely as a ritual.

The second major type of Feni is made ​​from cashew apples. As you know, the fruit of the cashew apple is not only mentioned, but the greater part is fleshy and juicy. It is extracted from these apple juice in Goa Niro (neero) and it becomes a sublime liquor, Feni. The taste is a little spicy, like a palm tree, but with more color and tart flavor of nuts.

The custom of cashew Feni came from the Portuguese, but now this type of beverage gaining popularity. In many villages in Goa are still distilleries to produce Feni by the traditional method. Highly developed and commercialized, are the most popular brands cashyo, Reals, Big Boss.

Feni is pure in its form, ice-cold, hot or in cocktails. The taste and smell of the drink and the Europeans are unusually strange, but it's natural curiosity that led him to buy it as a souvenir.

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