The Three King’s Feast in Goa

The Three King’s Feast is one of most popular and favorite holidays of Goa citizens and tourists who are lucky ones to watch this amazing festival. The famous grand holiday is celebrated every year on January 6th by local Christians as well as by the Hindus in all parts of Goa, and especially in Cansaulim, Arossim and Quelim resorts.

The festival is dedicated to Three Kings of Magi who came with their gifts to infant Jesus the Christ. According to the legend, a boulder on a nearby hill has two sets of footprints: one for infant and one for adult. Virgin Mary and the infant rested there in order to let their horse quench its thirst.

The preparations for the holiday are conducted the whole year round and finishes with “Three Kings” choosing. This event is associated with the storm of excitements and discussions among the local citizens. “Three Kings” are chosen among the local boys of the age of 8-12 years old, one boy from each village.

These boys-kings, dressed in gorgeous plumage and with crowns on their heads, are followed by a picturesque colorful procession. Each of “Kings” must climb the Remedios Hill, where the Three King’s Church stands and bring their gifts to infant Jesus the Christ. In the Church the “Three Kings” should put their gifts to the feet of the Jesus statue.

The whole event is accompanied by loud music and dances. Lots of people are coming to the Hill to watch the procession and the ritual of gifts giving. Amazing fair is conducted during the whole festival: people eat, drink, buy gifts, souvenirs, spices made by local Goa craftsmen and simply have fun from dawn till dusk.

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