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The Tiracol Fortress

The Tiracol Fort, which is also called the Terekhol Fortress (Terekol Fort), is located on the northern tip of Goa at the mouth of the same-named river that empty itself into the Indian Ocean on the opposite side of the famous Querim Beach. By the way, in Marathi language the name “Khol” means " the steep river-bank".

The fortress was originally built in the 17 th century by Indian Maharaja — the Raja of Sawantwadi, in order to defend the area under his control from the invasion of the Portuguese. The site was chosen perfectly for this purpose: the fortress was constructed on a hillock on the Northern bank of the river, which gave a commanding view onto the Arabian Sea. In the middle of 17 th century the Portuguese waged a war against the Raja and tried to conquer the fortress but failed their aggression. However the Portuguese didn’t give up and in 1746 the Terekhol fort was finally surrendered by the Portuguese forces. Later the fortress has frequently become the scene of riots and rebellions and was a witness of their brutal suppression. In the historical memory of Goa people this place will always be a symbol of the struggle for the independence.

Little by little the fort was abandoned and began to crumble. Nowadays only the part of the vallum, the intrinsic area of the fortress and the old Church of St. Anthony, which is not opened to the general public except the certain occasions, are preserved. On the territory of the fort the monument to Goa freedom fighters was set up.

To learn something more from the history of this fantastical place and visit the ruins of the beforetime stately structure is possible only through the organized tour by the appointment. The reason for this lies in the fact that the Terekhol fort has been converted into a hotel — the Fort Tiracol Boutique Hotel. This is a small hotel with 7 rooms only and a cute intimate restaurant on the ground floor which suggests its visitors to try the amazingly tasty dishes from the local and international cuisines. The prices for the hotel accommodation start from $170 per night.

You can reach the fortress by water transportation units. Plus, the ferry from the Querim Beach is also in operation.

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