Rajbaga Beach

The luxury resort of South Goa

Rajbagh Beach, also known as Raj Baga or Rajbaga, is situated 4 km south from the famous and well-known among tourists Palolem Beach, in Canacona region (Canacona Taluk), South Goa.

Almost the whole Rajbag sea coastline is occupied by luxury five-star Intercon the Grand Resort Goa complex hotels, among which the most famous one is The LaLiT Golf & Spa Resort Goa Hotel. There are no other types and variants of accommodation here.

The beach itself is very nice, beautiful and clean; the length of the Beach is about 1 km. The Rajbag sea coastline is covered with high palm trees and heavy pine trees which stretching from the cape, that separate the Rajbag resort from the neighboring Patnem Beach resort, up to the Talpona River mouth.

Rajbag Beach is not a private beach, but it has very few other visitors except hotel guests. The bar and the restaurant placed at the beach are both the property of the hotel. Usually all tourists, no matters if they are staying in Rajbag resort hotels or came to take a snack here from some other places, are served here. Of course if these tourists can afford such a luxury. It should be mentioned that Rajban Beach resort is not a cheap place: for example, a beer costs about 130 rupees here. As many tourists say, if some Pajbag Beach visitors are not guests of some local resort hotel, they won’t stay for a long time here. But still, you anyway must visit this amazing beach and enjoy a luxury rest at least for few hours.

\You can reach Pajbag Beach resort from any nearby beaches by taxi or rickshaws services taking or simply on a rented scooter or motorcycle. During low water you can even walk from Palolem Beach and Patnem Beach to this paradise resort.

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