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Colomb Beach

Colomb Beach (or as it is also called Colom Beach) is located in a small horseshoe-shaped bay between the Palolem and Patnem Beaches. This is one of the most remote beaches of South Goa. This place is very suitable for those who prefer to spend their holidays quietly and solitarily and for those who are fond of privacy and comfort of small spaces.

The Beach is covered with sand of a rich golden color with some splashes of black stones, most of which are places in the water. From three sides the beach is surrounded with rock formations of different peculiar shapes and sparse vegetation. The landscape is complement with several tall palm trees. The entrance into the Arabian Sea is slow, stage-by-stage; the water near the shore is shallow, there are almost no undercurrents.

The accommodation here is represented mainly by hats-houses which you can find plenty of on the Beach. Not so many nice comfortable guest-houses can be found here: nearly all of them are placed in some distance from the shore.

Few restaurants and cafes are oriented mainly onto Indian cuisine dishes. So if you are a big fan of European cuisine or prefer traditional dishes than you’ve better to go to the nearest city and take a snack in some restaurant there.

Colomb Beach resort has cute and comfortable Bhakti Kutir eco-tourism complex placed here. The whole complex is built of natural local construction materials and suggests its visitors and guests an organic tasty food to try.

One of the most interesting Colomb Beach sightseeing is a special unique rock called Pandava's drum. Pandavas are Indian epic heroes, two brothers-warriors. If you throw a stone into the rock and hit a certain place, you can hear the sound very similar to the sound of the drum.

To get to Colomb Beach resort is not so much difficult: you can reach this amazing place by walking from neighboring beaches or by taking a taxi, by auto-rickshaws services usage or even on a boat. The bus which runs between Palolem Beach resort and Margao city also stops here.

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