Hotel or villa?

Holiday Villas in Goa is like a dream: the tourist arrives to Goa and stays in suitable nice hotel room. But if you simply compare the prices for a suitable hotel room and a private villa you will find the Villas in Goa much more interesting and convenient for amazing luxury holidays spending with both, your family and friends.

Private Villa with a swimming pool, 2 bedrooms and nice bathroom will cost you even cheaper that the comfortable room in a 4* hotel. Choosing a villa you automatically receive lots of benefits like a personal service, swimming pool with clean water, a chef-cook services (optional) and enough to sink a battleship of fun. Besides, you will have your own PRIVACY which, agree, means much for every person who prefer comfortable and unforgettable holidays! Plus to this you will have a great opportunity to create your own menu: each villa has a kitchen with all necessary equipment and dishware! So, you will be able to cook various dishes from any cuisine you prefer.

There is huge number of different villas for rent in Goa but nearly all of them are usually full during the high touristic season. Villas are preferred by tourists who would like to enjoy their holidays in Goa, and if you ask any vacation expert he will give you the advice to choose the private villa to stay in during your holidays.

Here are some facts why you’ve better to choose private villa for your vocations in Goa:

  1. If you have booked a hotel on your own, you will anyway be met by an Indian.
  2. Almost half of residents of hotels are Indians;
  3. Swimming pools in hotels are a real nightmare: not so clean water, too many people (most of which are Indians who like to scream and fight in the water), too much noise.
  4. In villa you can do whatever you want: this is your space and everything belongs ONLY to you and your family/friends.

And now let’s see and compare the accommodation in hotel and private villa at identical price:

Luxury Goa Villa Goa "Luxury " Hotel
  • The total area size is 1.5 acres (approximately, 6,000 sq.m);
  • 2 bedrooms and 2 separate bathrooms;
  • Private 17 meters long swimming pool with clean water;
  • Personal chef-ccok and a stuff (the gardener, caretaker)
  • The cost in December is about 11000 INR per night for a room
  • The cost in December is about 15000 INR per night for a room

Private Villa or Hotel at Glance


  • How much space?
  • Every Hotel/s offer only Room /Suite
  • Privacy?
  • Cost?
  • Food?
  • Private Open area?

Private Villas/House

  • Much more space
  • Home away from home
  • 100% of privacy
  • The cost for stay is low in comparison with Hotels
  • You choose what to eat yourself: any menu at your wish
  • Freedom in everything
  • 100% of money economy

What can we suggest you?

Our highly experienced and professional staff will make sure that every our client was catered immediately and received answers to all questions he/she had. Our team will help you to find and book the best variant of accommodation unit for your comfortable luxury holidays spending. You will easily find the villa you wish to stay in within the whole period of your stay in Goa. We will do our best to make your vocations in Goa an unforgettable journey to a real heaven. Protection Status
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