We have many funny stories from owners, how customers trying to get more discounts for nothing and argue to not pay once it's required to pay. It's very funny. Serious men, who comes on vacation, who are executives in large companies, argue for 300 Rs!

Very typical story #1: customer lost beach towel. Of course, the owner will charge for it. But the fact is the Indian clients argue with the owner for 1 hour just for a 300 Rs. Looks like people having fun on argue. They just wasting time of villa owners, sales team and all stuff to just a make fun. Please, time of any staff haveing cost. Did you going to pay for this cost? Im sure — not.

Very typical story #2: clients arrive at the villa at 7 AM with no-cost. I understand your concern, that you are saving 30-50% on ticket cost while you are traveling at early morning. But in hospitality standards, there are check-in timings of 2 PM and for early arrival half-day charges. But again, Indian clients always argue to pay.

Very typical story #3: we need a discount because we need it. " We have budget blah-blah", " Give us discount and we book it right now!", " Let me know what best price are you offering" — such messages we have seen every day. Sorry, it's a really funny thing. Do you have a limited budget? — Then please go with lower category of the property. Do you like luxury? — Then please don't ask for discount and pay as per given tariffs. Any rates for any service is given based on service cost. It's very common sense.

Please, we are not accepting it. We have european standars of quality and service.

Best rates

We working hard to get the best market rates for your villa stay.

  1. Our rates are lesser for 15-30% than on Airbnb/Booking.Com/Agoda, Because we have created a system with less taxation and less service charges, where you are saving a lot.
  2. Also, we are pushing villa owners for better rates. Each rate for the property is result of many emails/calls with owner. Please respect our work.
  3. As result, you are receiving the lowest rate, which we have got after hard work with owners on each property.

Please don't ask for more discounts. Our rates are fixed and non-negotiable. We also have own expenses to serve the business.

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