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Vagator Beach Resort photo

Vagator Beach successfully competes with another comfortable Goa beaches for the leading place in the hearts of tourists on the Indian Ocean coast, as well as competes with Anjuna Beach resort in the photogenic way. It seams like Vagator Beach has combined all the attractive features of Goa beaches, staying in the same time quite original, unique and distinct.

The place is truly a unique creation of nature: a rocky shore steeply descends to the sandy strip at the junction with the Arabian Sea. The fantastical and so much magnificent view greets from the rocky steep, that you can simply lose the track of time sitting for hours on one of the benches, that were placed there, enjoying the fantastical beauty of the area.

The beach itself is divided into three zones: the Big Vagator – the main beach located on the northern edge of the village near the walls of the Chapora Fort; the Little Vagator or, as it is also called — the Ozron Beach which is located in the southern part of the resort and forms two tiny crescent small beaches separated from each other with the stony narrow seashore. Some sources say that the resort is divided into Large, Medium and Small Vagator Beaches. Sometimes you can find the information about the "Italian", "Spaghetti" and "Israeli" beaches, which is the result of the preference of every nation to some exact part of the resort for holidays spending.

All who have ever visited the Vagator resort say that when you get there you simply start to feel yourself being in some other universe, probably because of this place having a special energy and magnetism. Perhaps these feelings have brought here the famous Italian sculptor Antonio Caroli and helped him to create one of the today’s attractions of Vagator resort – the Shiva rock.

This is a sculpture which is carved out in rocks and is located in the southern part of the beach. The masterpiece consists of the face of the God Shiva with a necklace made of skulls, and a Snake — his eternal faithful companion and his main symbol. Unfortunately, every year the sculpture foundering and crumbling being covered with the sand and washed out with the water. In recent times it is almost invisible, but sometimes the enthusiasts who really know the exact location of the sculpture, dig it with shovels for taking some pictures of this great masterpiece.

Vagator resort is known as one of the hippies’ haunts, which owes much to the tradition of evening parties with psychedelic music for sunset meeting on the beach. Parties, which take place in such famous places as Hilltop, Primrose and 9 Bar Nightclubs have already become legendary.


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