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Palolem Beach: interesting natural objects

Enviably beautiful Palolem resort is so much notable and attractive not only due to its favorable conditions for beach holidays. In this region the South Goa nature is represented in all its unique and incredible magnificence.

If you really want to enjoy this unbelievable beauty of Goa nature, than you’ve better to take a ride on a boat alongside the local river which meets the Arabian Sea in the north end of Palolem Beach. This boating trip will give you a great opportunity to observe the variety of plant and animal species of South Goa. Here you will have a chance to see and watch a bird Kingfisher – the symbol of Goa.

On the bank of the river you will find the so-called Balansing rock. To climb this amazing bizarre rock formation is not that easy and can turn into a real obstacle and funny small adventure.

Not so far away from Palolem Beach, in the north-west from the resort, there is Kancon Island. Local citizens call this fantastical place Money Island. At the time of low water you can reach this Island easily by walking, but during other periods of time to get there is possible only by boat usage. A narrow, almost invisible and unremarkable path leads somewhere upward…

At the top of the Island a strange stone sculpture called “Money-stone” can be found. This whimsical sculpture was designed by American conceptual artist Jacek Tylicki who used only natural stone shape for this unique masterpiece creation.

The inscription on the stone reads: "Give, if you can — Take if you have to". This place has turned into an object of pilgrimage. Everyone can leave some money for those who are in need, or take some if he needs them himself.

Also extremely picturesque are the Palolem resort neighboring Butterfly Beach and Agonda Beach, Colomb resort in the north and Patnem Beach in the south.


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