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Weather in Goa

Goa is situated on the west coast in the southern part of India, in the tropical zone, being characterized by hot and humid climate with little seasonal change of temperature. During the whole year the temperatures stay around 26°–29°C, thus, the seasons are defined by the amounts of precipitation.

In Goa there are two clearly defined seasons – a dry season from October to May and the rainy season (monsoon) from June to September. Almost the entire annual level of precipitation falls in this period. During the season of monsoons the relative air humidity is very high at about 90%, and the maximum temperature goes down to 27º С average. The temperature of the ocean water is the same. There are some sunny days, but not more than 2 or 3 times a month.

In the summer, Goa is very quiet and peaceful and some tourists prefer it then, but it is necessary to take into account that in July-August there are strong, long heavy rains that sometimes bring floods, and cause the ocean water to get muddy.

The season of monsoons ends at the end of August, but a partial precipitation can proceed prior to the beginning of November. In September the number of sunny days already increases to about 10-12, and in October the fine weather usually prevails. The tourist season begins and some temporary constructions are in place.

In November the weather is stabilized though the period of precipitation is sometimes possible. It is the period a high waters, magnificent waterfalls and sunsets. Sometimes in November the sea-water is turbid.

The best months for holidays in Goa are December, January and February. There aren’t any rains, the weather is excellent and quiet, at night it is cool, and the air humidity goes down to about 65%. The daily average temperatures is around 32°C, average at night at 19°C.

Most tourists prefers to visit Goa during the period of the New Year and in February.

In March the pre-monsoonal season begins in Goa, when it becomes hotter and more humid. Actually, the temperature doesn't go up higher than 35-36 degrees, but it is felt like 40 degrees or more. At night it becomes sultry and it’s difficult to breathe. In May, the average daytime temperature is at 27°C, but because of its humidity higher than 80% the organism feels the discomfort and seldom there is somebody who wants to do something other than sitting under the shade or in air-conditioned rooms.

The water-temperature of the Arabian Sea along the Goan coast is always around 26-29°C or 2-4 degrees lower than the air temperature.

Two factors have an essential impact on the climate of Goa: the Arabian Sea and the Western Gkhaut’s mountain chain. There's a difference between coastal and internal areas. The sea breeze cools the coastal areas, but in the internal areas of the state the weather is much hotter, and in mountain regions the temperature are lower, but there is more precipitation.

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