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Recreation and holidays spending in Calangute

The best time for beach holiday in Calangute is the period from November till March. During this time there are no rains, the temperature of the air is above 24°C and the sea is relatively calm. By the tradition, in the beginning of the monsoon season, in April and May, tourists mainly from big cities of India are also coming to the resort searching for some of fresh air.

Calangute beach strip is long and wide. It is covered with golden sand and fringed by palm groves. In the north it imperceptibly comes into Candolim beach, while in the south it meets the Baga beach. You can watch and enjoy the amazing beauty of the coast in the morning, at sunset or while staying away from the center – in the peak hours and on weekends it is impossible to see the coastline at all because of the beach being overcrowded by tourists and local citizens. From the land, starting from the city center and the road leading to the beach, the shoreline is densely ‘occupied’ by lots of various shops, SPA-salons, shakes, stalls and tents.

Long rows of deck chairs, on which yet white-skinned tourists are taking their sunbaths, stretching along the seashore. Between them Cheap Jacks, massagers, beggars, workers of the industry of 'purity' are moping around.

On the line where the Arabian Sea meets the Calangute beach strip crowds of Indian tourists are having their rest and parties. After the lunch, when a suitable wind begins, spawn skydivers and windsurfers are appearing on the beach suggesting the tourists to try the extreme sport activity. Everyone here will find what he likes and enjoys.

What to do in Calagute resort at free from sunbathing and swimming hours? There are lots of variants actually: shopping, restaurants, beauty salons, clubs (in the neighboring Baga resort one of the most famous clubs in Goa is located), excursions and travelling to the most interesting places in the region – Calangute is the ideal starting point for trips to famous attractions of Goa. Do not miss to visit Panaji, Mapusa, Old Goa, Fort Aguada, Arpora, islands and Hindu Temples.


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