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Anjuna Beach Resort pictures

Anjuna Beach is considered to be one of the most photogenic beaches in Goa. The place attracts the attention of photographic lenses due to the extraordinarily beautiful beach. The Anjuna resort beach line is about a 1.5 km long, quite narrow in some places and is subjected to erosion. The southern part of the beach is covered with golden sand, while the northern part has lots of great flat rocks. These red-colored laterite rocks are the real jewels of Anjuna, as they are called by the local citizens. These rocks give the landscape a very much peculiar flavor. All of this beauty against the background of groves of coconut trees in the eastern part of the beach turns this fantastical place into the real Heaven.

The spectacular water sports activities like paragliding, for example, give Anjuna Beach resort even more charm and attractiveness.

Local Wednesdays Flea Market looks not worth that the picturesque beach areas. This is the really unforgettable show with amazing atmosphere and the interaction between traders and customers.

People’s meetings in the cult places on the beach for sunset watching and the next one trance party waiting gives the Anjuna resort some strange romantic image. Sometimes during such trance parties the beach looks like the choppy waters of the ocean, when crowds of people are moving under the rhythm of the music. With a special delight the audiences is waiting for another one "full moon party", so much popular among the tourists.


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