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Palolem beach
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which is well known as Paradise Beach.

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The history of Cavelossim

Cavelossim and neighboring villages from ancient times are inhabited by fishermen. The town stayed a bit aloof from the turbulent historical events and religious cults. Today a considerable proportion of the population continues to fish, but the live of people here is primarily concerned with the development of tourism. Today the town of Cavelossim is a luxury resort, a remarkable and famous primarily for its luxurious hotels and villas, built in the best traditions of Portuguese architecture.

Before the Portuguese expansion started the modern fishing village of Cavelossim was the abode of Shantadurga – the very powerful Hindu goddess, which is the embodiment of Parvati, Shiva's wife. According to legends and believes, Shantadurga was able to take different forms and shapes. The town lost the statue of its protectress during the Portuguese regime, when it was moved to the Sri Shantadurga Temple located in the Kavli (Kawlem), Ponda Taluka (municipal council).

Citizens of Goa act the same way and manner with other their gods, which actually was made for protecting them from the colonizers.

In 1793 the Catholic Church of Holy Cross was built in Cavelossim. This cathedral even nowadays continues to adore the Central Square of the town. The temple impresses with its elegant facade, design simplicity, purity of forms of the Altar and domes. The Church of Holy Cross is a real classical example of Portuguese architecture, which perfectly combines the fascinating blend of different styles of church construction activity.

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Having been got on Goan market, the traveler sometimes really feels like in a fairy tale of 1001 ni...      When December comes, a peak tourist season starts in Goa. This period of the year is the best time ...      January is, undoubtedly, one of the most tourist attended months in Goa. The main reason for the in...      South Goa is characterized by its low coast and spacious beaches with its dazzling white and golden...      Colva Beach is one of the most popular Arabian Sea coastline resorts of Indians and, respectively, ...
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