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How our quests feel on the villa?
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Palolem beach
One of Goa`s most beautiful beaches,
which is well known as Paradise Beach.

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Vivienne Serena

Anjuna Beach

World famous Anjuna Beach resort like many other beaches of the North Goa has gained its popularity thanks to the hippie movement, which was going strong in this part of Goa in 1970s.

Today Anjuna develops as the modern resort, supporting liberal spirit inspired by the hippie culture that attracts informal persons from all over the world. They claim this is the place where Goa-trance music and famous outdoor parties appeared. They are the main reason of Anjuna beach popularity.

Both indoor and outdoor trance parties are held here every night during the touristic season from November till March. Such clubs and bars like Curlie’s, Paradiso (which is closed till now — 2012), Shiva Valley, UV Bar, Shore Bar, Seahorse, Dolce Vita and others have turned into the legendary party places, haven for hippies, freaks, rastafarians – the “real Goa people”. These places are exactly what attract thousands of trance culture venerators. Tourists view some of these places with distribution of recreational drugs and excessive alcohol consumption.

From hippies the Anjuna resort has also inherited another one famous place of interest — the Anjuna Flea Market, which is open every Wednesday. Now mainly Indians sell there, offering products of craftsmen from all over India, including those from Kashmir and Tibet. On Anjuna Flea Market one can purchase high quality nice products at the price you manage to bargain.

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